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Friday, January 9, 2009

Typhoon!!! (BPO)

Well, I finally did it. A bit of exploration last night (3 Operational Handbooks sold for 9mil each) and I hit 830mil isk. Moments later I'm the proud owner of a ME:12 Typhoon BPO and my alliance coffers are 700mil isk richer. This frees me up to prepare for heading out to 0.0.

Started off the night addressing the usual manufacturing stuff. In this case the 1MN Afterburner I BPCs came out. So I was able to head on over and pop in 5 Invention runs that would be done later that evening. After I started them all. I realized that with the cost of the Datacores that I probably could have popped in some meta level 1 or 2 named modules as part of the invention process as they are usualy around the same price as the T1 module and that would not significantly inflate the invention costs (not being ammo we can do this). Checking after the fact I note that although the Cold-Gas I Arjet Thrusters are Metalevel 3 and going for 34500 isk or so the Monopropellant I Hydrazine Boosters are Metalevel 2 and only going for 5000 isk or so. Metalevel 2 gives me a 52.69% chance the Metalevel 3 gives me 58.24% chance of success. Plugging these numbers in to my invention spreadsheet gives me:

No meta item: 48.26% success chance - pro-rated Invention cost per run: 148166.70 isk
Metalevel 2: 52.69% success chance - pro-rated Invention cost per run: 136658.84 isk
Metalevel 3: 58.24% success chance - pro-rated Invention cost per run: 128700.64 isk

So at current market prices it's better for me to use the Cold-Gas I Arjet Thrusters in my invention runs. Scuse me a sec while I go buy those. Should have run the numbers before poping them in. Oh well - live and learn.

That radar site was a nice find I will admit. High sec and not containing very much a multi-role fit Jaguar was all that was needed to take care of it. This means that once I nailed the sight down with my cov-ops I simply switched ships and jumped in my Jaguar and removed the rocket launcher and web, and put in a Salvager I and a Codebreaker I. The 4th slot on a Jag being more of a utility slot. Most of the firepower comes from the guns anyways. then it was simply a matter of getting to the system with the plex. Warping to it. Killing the rats in short order and cracking the cans. 3 Operational Handbooks and some Mechanical Parts (used in Minmatar Data Interface manufacture), and I was salvaging the wrecks. Got an Alloyed Tritanium Bar as a cherry on the cake.

So after some nice convos and some dinner, I pop the invention runs out. Not very successful this time but I do get a BPC. This allows me to run the numbers and get things costed out. Well damn. Invention and manufacturing costs per run run about 1mil and change and they sell for 2 mil and change. Scuse me while I go pop the rest of the BPCs in for some more invention runs...

Incidentaly - Ferrogel and Fermionic Condensates - ouch.

Anyways after talking to the alliance I'll be joining for my stay in 0.0 looks like I'll be mining this weekend to get some BS ready for transhipment down to 0.0. Looks like I'll need 1 Ratter, 1 Salvager (if the ratter doesn't have that) and my BPC collection to keep myself in small ships and ammo. The rest will be PvP oriented ships.


Bahamut said...

Congrats on the BPO!

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Vast quantities of awesomeness !!! :))

Now, move somewhere not too far from Curse so I can see how iffy a PvPer I am :)))

Kyle Langdon said...

Good luck with all the manufacturing and congrats on the Typhoon BPO!

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