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Monday, January 12, 2009

Typhoon #1 rolls out.

Well the first Typhoon rolls off the lot. Took me a while to fully outfit it. And may I state that torpedoes sure as heck take up a lot of place... Probably a horrible fail fit. It did allow me to spot a few holes in my skill sets. Needed to get the skill that allows large Neutralizers and large Nosferatu. I definitively need the skill that allows Large T2 plates, T2 EANM and T2 ECCM. *sigh* [Letrange goes and adds skills to his skill plan]. Depending on where this all falls out it will probably delay any Interceptor skill acquisition.

To speed things up I also melted my stockroom. Since I plan on being in 0.0 by next weekend I won't be around to handle the store. The stockroom is part of the store mechanism so that liberates the minerals involved for other uses (basically there was more than a BS worth of minerals tied up in there). When the stuff up on sale sells out it sells out.

The next Typhoon will be a PvE fit one and will be intended as the ship that will allow me to bootstrap operations down in 0.0. One of the things I'm shipping down there is one of my BPC collections. These are still incomplete compaired to my full BPO collection (specificaly they are weak in shield mods), but so long as I have manufacturing slots and minerals available they will allow me to keep myself in sub-BS ships without having to move them down separately. As for why Typhoons? Well, There is the fact that that I've been quoted a price of 67mil down in 0.0 when I can make em for under 56mil for myself at current high sec mineral prices. This means I'll want to make my own to bring down. Since I'm brand spanking new at BS level combat I expect to burn thru quite a few... Unfortunatelly a reality of PvP in EVE.

I forsee mining ops for the rest of the week.


Anonymous said...

hmm typhoon...exactly how do you fit that thing? It seems versatile to it's detriment TBH. I think that due to it's split load out 4/4 it is kinda hard to make an effective PvP ship

Bahamut said...

I don't have experience with a phoon, but I do know that you have to balance tank, drones, missiles and turrets. Difficult.

Letrange said...

Horribly atm I'll admit. That's why I expect to loose a lot of em. The typhoon is not "newbie friendly". And for all intents and purposes I'm a newbie at BS combat. However once the skills catch up, the typhoon apparently turns into a death machine. Mainly because it's really hard to predict what you'll run into with a Typhoon. In my case it's because I can make a whole bunch of cheap BS since I own a researched BPO. I'm not expecting to be as effective as someone in a BS who's got nothing but BS skills. On the flip side, I really like flexible ships and the Typhoon is nothing if not flexible in it's fittings.