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Sunday, January 4, 2009

And my Isk total fluctuates wildly

Been a bit of a do this do that kind of day.

First thing I determined is that those research jobs do eventually run out and cost you agent standing - and it looks like FACTION standing. Ouch. It also looks like it takes about a month before they run out. So no panic. Looks like if you do research jobs (i.e. those jobs offered by research agents) about once every 3 weeks or every 2 weeks you should be safe from any standings hits. I figured this out after looking at some standing changes over the last 4 months and tracking down frequency and what caused them.

Next as I mentioned back a few weeks ago, I was feeling short of order slots. So Today I finally got Retail 5, Wholesale 1 and Wholesale 2. This brings my total number of order slots up to 93. Much better. Just before midnight and heading to bed, I also got Day Trading 3 which allowed me to claim a certificate (after almost 2 year a 3h side track isn't much any more). The skill is also useful as I could be 10 jumps away from a place I have orders and modify the sales price remotely.

The day however was an up and down day for my isk account. Sell some stuff, buy 40mil of mins. Sell a BC, buy Wholesale, Sell another BC, etc, etc....

So at the end of the day I'm at 736mil even though I started the day at 770mil. But it's all good. The mins were high ends which I can't really mine here in high sec and the Wholesale needed to be done to get 93 order slots (one more level and I break 100 sales slots but that'll wait).

I also brought enough datacores back from the research agent (an ungodly amount of jumps away) so that I have what I need on hand for the 5 Afterburner invention jobs I intend to run when the copies pop out.


Bahamut said...

Amazing. I get by with 13 slots... lolz.

Anonymous said...

This sort of information is doing wonders in helping my Research/Manufacturing alt along!