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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some exploration

Well my ability to get online this weekend was kind of "spotty". So instead of just joining fleets only to bow out 15min later, I decided to do a bit of exploration in the local system.

Over the weekend I managed to find 2 Radar plexes and a generic combat plex. A 5/10 Rogue Drone combat plex. After doing a quick trip to high sec to get my hacking module and archeology module, I came back and went after the radar sites.

Wouldn't you know it? a BPC for the Amarr module Data Interface and an Amarr Encryption Methods skill book. Course I already have both the skill and the interface so personally this does not mean much. Some random decryptors, datacores and components to make Amarr data interfaces were also found. Note that unlike my fellow blogger Mynxee, in my case it's my main that's able to both explore to find these plexes and has the skills to hack the cans as well.

Then of course I bring my wolf - replacing the normal scram with a the apropriate module (a Codebreaker I). Low sec will have up to BC sized rats in Radar plexes so an AF is fine for that (just remember - use an AB instead of MWD for any non-FW plexes).

Now the 5/10 made me cry. I've duo'ed one of those with myself in a BC and a fellow pilot in a BS and you get about 100mil+ in overseers boxes and minerals. But no one was available to help out. So I did the first room and that was it. It was gone by the next day... I hope someone else ran it. Even if it was the Amarr.

The Prowler is proving itself an excelent low sec blockade runner. Love that ship.

Went to the Montreal Meet, only 6 of us this evening but it was a good meet. I didn't last long but that was more due to still having this cold I'm fighting.

Got in on 2 good pirate killmails - a Sleipnir and an Absolution.


Carole Pivarnik said...

Actually, I don't have to use my explo alt anymore--I finally trained hacking myself :) She might be needing a new job soon.

Also...I have seen BS's spawn in low sec radar sites...3 at once in a site I recently did with a few friends, accompanied by assorted BCs, destroyers and frigates. Our 3 or 4 DPS dealers were in T1 cruisers and it was a bit of a tough go due to some disorganization. Managed to deal with it eventually. The second one we found with BS's was dispatched much more efficiently with the help of better organization and some additional firepower. Frigates wouldn't have been my choice for either of those sites.

Letrange said...

Either you're lower in low sec when you find em (always possible) or you've just been un-lucky or I've been lucky. I've yet to run into one a single wolf coudn't handle. Mind you I've also used a specially fit BC for them as well but with my more recent experiences in low sec I think all future ones will be AF based exploitation.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

If i ever need a break from PvP I'll have to check out the exploration thing. But let's just say I'm not exactly bored these days :))

Carole Pivarnik said...

I did wonder...we had like six people in our fleet that warped into that site where the BS's spawned. Could it be scripted to spawn differently based on the number of ships that enter the site? Working low sec radar sites by myself or with me and my alt--even sites with the same name as the ones with the BS's--I had not seen BS's spawn, even in .2 systems.