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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Solo Kill!!!

Today is a great day in my training as a PvP pilot. Today I managed to get my first solo kill. Some will argue it wasn't much of one but for two things. First of all it was in an offensive plex so I had 12 NPC cruisers and frigates trying to kill me at the same time. Two if he had managed to slap a web on me when I was vulnerable it would have gone poorly for me. So it was a rightous kill.

I started the day off moving ships arround. After about an hour of this I decide to find out what plexes are in the area. I manage to find 4 of em. So I solo the 3 minors. Then a WT comes into system and opens up the BC one. I warp into it to find out what he's in. Turns out he was in a crucifier. which cloaked as soon as I got on grid with the NPCs.

Ok I see his game. He'll uncloak and run the clock down when I'm not arround but cloak up when I am arround. Well time to change that up. I head back to station and switch to a disposable dessy and warp back to the plex, sure enough he cloaks up but I proceed to speed/distance tank the NPCs. Seeing me occupied he uncloaks to run the plex down some more but I proceed to burn towards him but at an angle to avoid the npcs. Sure enough I get close enough to target him and prevent him cloaking up and proceed to lay into him. I think he tried to get a web on me but it was for naught and he got killed. I didn't get the pod but was well satisfied with my first solo kill.

The rest of the battle for that plex got rather wild and wooly with an onyx and various and assorted interceptors. Unfortunately due to a DC and good piloting by the Onyx pilot when I re-logged I got killed and podded. I made it back and forces built until we forced the Amarr out of the system and ran the plex down. Then later on they apeared in force (a BC heavy fleet with 19 pilots) and took a regular sized plex. But with the 3 minors and a BC major we of course kept it in contested.

Overall a good morning.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...


Any solo kill is a good kill. Welcome to the club my friend :))

Carole Pivarnik said...

Great job...solo kills are (imho) the most satisfying ones of all.

Bahamut said...