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Monday, November 17, 2008

Darned cold

This weekend I was fighting a rather bad cold. So I wasn't actually on EvE as much as I should have been. But this didn't stop me from getting a 2nd solo kill (same guy same sort of circumstances but since it was a Minor plex he was at an even greater disadvantage since I could kill the rats by one-shotting them.

Speaking of plex combat we ran into a rather pickley situation. At one point as part of an offensive plex running group, I had managed to grab aggro. Then as we were running it some Amarr come in to bust up the fun. What ensued was rather annoying from my point of view since my job was to keep my distance and the NPC's off my fellow pilots. This I managed to do without problem. However the rest of my fellow pilots then proceeded to demonstrate how NOT to go up against a Griffin, a Crucifier and eventually a Punisher. The boys keeps screwing up their coordination coming in in dribs and drabs and not coordinating with each other. End result? after about 10minutes of loosing ships we end up having to abandon the plex (well they all lost their ships and I was left with abandoning the field).

Good work by the Amarr flying defensively exactly how you are supposed to. Griffin on the button (able to ecm any ships that warp in while not being in too much danger personally). Punisher at the warp in and Crucifier at optimal from the warp in point. It was, as they say, a turkey shoot. We need to get better gangs than this.

Sunday was mainly ship displacement day. Moving ships arround to make up for the losses, running some plexes in my general area of operations. I've come to some conclusions about plexing and FW in general. It's been my observation that we've got two types of pilots running arround in FW. You've got your plex specialists who tend to run the plexes but have problems doing PvP then you've got your roaming gangs which tend to go out hunting equaly large gangs of Amarr. I think what we need is to organize specific plex running squadrons so that when a force goes into a plex the squadron commander can take over the fight inside the plex. We also need to get better at PvP combat within plexes. We need to come up with some procedures for dispersing combat strength and concentrating it without having the FC micro manage that level of it.

Observation: Griffins are VERY powerful in minor plexes. They are a great force multiplier. I think we may need to come up with a specific fit for a thrasher to take care of them. 50-70km combat zone with ECCM. We'll have to see.

I also need to think about switching my Rifter builds up a bit. AB/Scram combo is MUCH more powerful than it previously was and can compete very well with the MWD/Disruptor/Web that used to be the sin qua non of pvp fits. The MWD Vigil is still insanely fast (a T1 version is hitting 4.7km/s), so those will probably stay as is. We'll see how this works out.

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Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Dude, 2 kills... Nice! I have to play Catch Up now :)))