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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

After the famine, the feast

Well, I'd been diligently running plexes and stuff for the last week. Any PvP was kind of incidental to the objective of trying to swing system occupation in Matari favor. Had some interesting skirmishes, but when enough pilots gravitated to the skirmish the Amarr went away and we were usually able to finish plexes in peace.

Last night I decide to join up with the Kourm fleet in hopes of some action. Probably pirate related but what the heck.... Ooooo boy did THAT work out. Most kill mails I've been on without loosing the ship ever in a single session.

First there was one side of the Kourmonen/Auga gate. Then there was the other side. By some miracle we were able to survive the Carrier hot drop with only 2 BS casualties. We didnt' get MirrorGod nor the Thanatos but hey, it was a good running battle. The pirates came in two separate waves and sundry others showed up now and then while we were trying to get the rest of the pirates to engage.

The biggest problem I have with the fight (and it wasn't much of one) was that it was pirates instead of war targets. But hey we had a good fight and with the tonnage that came at us when we got engaged it was a close run thing at the start. The inital primary of the engagment was of course MirrorGod. But when the rest of his buddies and the carrier flew in to support him we switched and someone managed to tackle the Falcon. At that point it was warp to the Falcon. The enemy BS also warped to the Falcon and we were able to kill most of the pirates over 150km from the carrier witch definitly helped. MirrorGod and the Thanatos pilot stayed on the gate for the entire duration of the fight while we wiped out thier buddies.

The pirate's vent server musta been "interesting" during that screw up.

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