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Monday, November 10, 2008

Get ready

Looks like the Tuesday patch will be a 24h patch. The withdrawal symptoms evidenced on the forums should be fierce. Remember to set a "Long Skill". After working on some medium projectile specialization skills early this evening I intend to set Minmatar BS 4 as my skill to work on - it's got 7 days left to go.

The cov-ops cloak for my Prowler has been purchased and will replace the current, much lower quality, cloak. I'll be loosing the inherent WCS bonus but with the ability to warp cloaked, I do believe this ship will be chuck full of win.

The plan at this point is to get the specializations to 4 then take a bit of a break and get some skills up for invention. I'd like to be able to invent and build the guns I'll be putting in my ships. Since they will be the large part of my offense in the next stint, it behooves me to be able to manufacture them.

I'm also looking forward to the March update since the new content will be exploration related.

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