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Saturday, November 8, 2008

It figures

What have I been doing? Mining. Every so often one needs to go replenish the coffers. Whether mineral or currency coffers, it's the same thing. My alt is like 10 days from completing his current plan. I decided to do things a little differently for my alt since I had the time to do it. Namely, after getting him to the point where he can fly a rigged Iteron V, getting all his initial skills to level 4. Once I do that, I'll get the rank 3 learning skills and drag them to level 4. Then I do believe it'll be time to get all the skills necessary to fly the Execuror and the Osprey to their full T1 capacity.

For myself. I'll be getting Medium Projectile 5 soon. This will mean about 2 weeks of skilling up Medium Autocannon Specialization and Medium Artillery Specialization to level 4. The question is what to do then. I think I may take a bit of a diversion and go acquire some e-war skills and the ability to fly the caldari ships. One of the reasons we've won certain fights against the pirates in the latest set of skirmishes, has been effective use of e-war. Neither side has been making use of logistics outside of RR battleships.

Now for the Irony part: Quantum Rise is supposed to be the Industrial Update. It figures I would be doing PvP when that came in. Irony thy name is EvE. Although I must say that it only looks like about half the expansion is realy carebear related. The rest is the speed adjustments (which affect the PvP'er WAY more than the industrialists - our ships were always very slow), and the server upgrades (which affect everyone in eve - Carebear and Combat pilot equally).

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