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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Little action, Lota plexing, *sigh* another fail dessy

Yesterday was one of those "all over the place" type of nights. Started off in some random station I had docked up at in my Vigil. I made my way to Asghed and wasn't seeing much so decided to x up. A quick invite from Wei and I was in the fleet, once again armed with my trusty Vigil I made my way over to the Kamela/Lamaa area. Once again we were using the local plexing to hopefully generate some fights.

Early on I managed to get tackle on a Tristan that went down rather quickly (suicidal the dude). After some un-eventful plexing in Kamela we have a flashy pirate at a planet so the cov-ops calls warp to 0 and I get a beautiful first tackle on the Hurricane. Once I hear second tackle gets on it and as I see my vigil start to take damage, I warp out and manage to keep my ship alive. Once again I'm amused that my Vigil seems to be highly survivable.

Not having a lot of other action at one point I am with a few other pilots playing station games with Dake Darkstalker (well known to the regulars for being a good Amarr pilot). Just in time to have a disconnect. Not good. Sure enough when I log back on I'm in my pod. Blink Blink. Sorry for the lack of action there Dake.

At this point I jump one system over and get in a reserve rifter (these low sec caches of frigates are darned handy). And we continue on. At this point, we hear that there is a magnate over in the Tararan area (genericaly) and some other running plexes. So I head on over with a small strike group to see what we can do over there. After chasing off some Amarr from one system, we get the call from a cov-ops in Sifilar that someone is running minor plexes. I put a burn on in my Rifter while the 3 other pilots keep playing footsy with some cagey war targets in the Tararan area, since I'm the only ship in our little squadron that can handle minor plexes at this point.

Get in Arzad on the Sifilar gate and have the cov-ops localize which plex the WT is in. Once he does I warp in and burn for the specific plex and go right in. I barely have time to align to my prey when he simply decamps leaving me alone in the plex with the NPCs. I give chase to one of the gates but he gets away. I decide to go and switch to my plex running Thrasher.

Once in my T2 armed Thrasher, I head back to the two minors and after a few initial "issues" proceed to work on the plexes starting with the one that the WT had been working on. Once I was settled in and doing the first plexe comfortably, I had the cov-ops shake loose and go plex hunting nearby. While I'm running the first plex he uncovers a pastel of plexes next door in Arzad. It seems to be pirate and WT active. The FC takes note of this and starts making plans to come our way when their current plexes finish up.

I'm in my 2nd Minor plex (having cleaned it up) when one then two war targets show up in system. And at one point I see a Vengeance on scan. Well that's not getting in. Then a Catalyst. That however is getting in. So I sit on the button hoping for some action and praying he has the usual fail fit dessy. Sure enough he warps in and starts motering towards me. I target and start firing at him. Once he starts aproaching my optimal I start motoring away at full MWD to keep the range open. Sure enough I burn thru all his shields and he hasn't even scrached my paint. At this point he gives up and warps away and I calmly go back to the button and contiue finishing the plex.

Here we see the diference between a KM whoring pilot and an objective focused pilot. Look, destroyers are long range gunboats. Period. Any other fit is just asking for trouble. The Catalyst had fit for close range PvP (as evidenced by my pristine shield). I had fit for long range combat. I know the chances of a kill solo are very slim but that I would be in control of the fight. Sure enough I didn't get a kill. But my objective in FW is to close plexes and get the points. If we'd had a tackle at the warp-in point that catalyst was dead. We didn't so I did the next best thing. Drove him off and capped the plex. I will repeat myself. Destroyers are long range combat ships. Full stop. Other ships in gang are responsible for tackle you are responsible for killing what they tackle - at a nice long range. Don't fit a destroyer for close range combat. Fit it for range.

Anyways the fleet as a whole then proceeded to try and get some action in Arzad. We almost got some but too many of our pilots jumped in local too quickly and we spooked the WT/Pirates away and proceeded to run the plexes. For this I switched over to my Wolf. Didn't get any PvP action for the rest of the night but I'm liking the wolf's DPS.

Fly safe guys and remember AC/Blaster/Pulse armed dessies are fail fits. The ships are just not maneuverable enough to fly with those.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I approove of this view on dessies; they just don't have the speed and/or tank to go up close and personal, with the exception of interdictors which are different beasts altogether, being dessies that go fast.

And about AFs, apparently they don't like Jihad fleets :)))

Letrange said...

I think people keep trying to fly AF like they were cruisers. Hence the problems.

Anonymous said...

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