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Thursday, November 20, 2008

A "relaxing" night of plexing

As I headed out to the dock and my collection of ships, I informed the crew of my Cheetah that it was time to do some scanning and see what the Amarr had left in the way of occupation complexes. As per my habit, I drop a multispec probe right on exit from the station. Since it's impossible to cloak up so close to a station there is no harm in dropping a multispec probe before moving off and cloaking up. I wave a quick hello to my CEO who happens to be on his way out of the system and settle down to wait for the results (175 seconds later).

Sure enough I confirm the presence of at least one Amarr complex in the system. I'm about to start running down the planets with the on-board scanner when I notice a war target in system. So I do a directional scan. It's an Amarr Navy Slicer!!! Unfortunately It jumps before I can nail it's location, neu bastien does an immediate 180 and orders me to jump arround looking. Although we don't find the the war target, I do find six open Amarr complexes one system over.

We decide to go run these plexes down. Since it's three medium and three major complexes, this calls for speed tanking. I go and grab my Republic Fleet Firetail. This ship realy is quite the sweet little ship. We settle in to running these plexes and we are eventualy joined by a friendly Vigil pilot. We're on the 2nd to last plex when a pirate AF comes in to play with myself and the Vigil. Since neither of us is realy in a ship that can take on a Retribution, we simply stay out of his way. About 5 mintutes of playing "Dodge the pirate" and we get a call from neu to come into the other remaining plex as it's nearing it's end. We do so and the pirate leaves system probably disgusted we wouln't play (we could taste his fustration and it was sweet). The last two plexes fall and we head back to the first system to run down any plexes that were there.

We find a minor Amarr complex and I radio ahead to the station containing my spare ships to wake up the destroyer crew and prep my Thrasher for action. Once in there the Amarr NPC scum rapidly fall to the masive firepower the Thrasher can bring to bear. Tech 2 artillery cannons are your friends. Once that one is done it's back to the Cheetah both to confirm that there are no complexes left in the system and to hunt down the next system

We find one in another nearby system. It is another Major Amarr complex. This time I head back and grab a T1 equiped Vigil. This turned out to be a good choice as eventualy a pirate Rapier came in to play. By this time my CEO had logged and the Vigil pilot had been replaced by a friendly Retribution pilot. When the rapier uncloaked to come and play with us I had managed to keep away from him in my Vigil. But the Retribution was not so lucky. He ended up caught so I charged back in with my Vigil to tackle and attack the Rapier.

I lost my Vigil but the Rapier was chassed off by the firepower and tank of the Retribution. In retrospect I should have ordered the Retribution to go on the offensive the moment he was attacked joined in a little slower. But overall it's better for me to lose a cheap Vigil than for him to loose his Retribution. We end up finishing the plex. After 8 plexes in the evening I dock up and call it a night.

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Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Sounds like fun times! Scaring off a Recon with frigs is always good :)