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Thursday, March 10, 2011

PI in 0.0

About the most annoying part of doing PI in 0.0 is that you need to keep on top of the resources piling up.  Apart from that it works out fine.  Don't need an expensive hauler to handle the goods, and if you are moving stuff around on a daily basis if you should get ganked at some point in time it won't be the end of the world.

Something some players loose track of sometimes is that it's not always necessary to build up "the best" ship for a specific job.  Sometimes a "sufficient" ship will do fine.  In this case I'm using a mammoth with 4 T1 extenders, 2 Medium shield expanders, 2 em hardeners and 1 thermal hardener.  That's it.  Total replacement value around 1mil isk.  One day, I'm sure I'll get ganked in it.  But at least it will have made it's replacement value in profits in the meantime and it will be cheap to replace (heck this one was built from melted rat loot - including all the modules in it).  It's cargo space is plenty for moving around all the materials from my extraction planets to my production planet and the final items to the station.  That being the case, why should I invest in a more expensive ship that would just be more losses when it gets blown up?  It's not like a more expensive hauler will save me from getting ganked.  Smart flying and attention to intel channels do that.


Magson said...

I've been ganked in that exact fit for a Mammoth. . . . I wasn't paying enough attention to the intel channels and got tackled by an inty on a gate I'd just come through. I had enough passive regen he couldn't think of getting through my shields, but by the time I'd made it back to the gate and jumped to break his scram, his friends had made it there and were waiting.

I did lose about half of a day's PI run and a command center I'd been planning to place, but it wasn't a big deal. I even got my pod out. . . .

Tyrcon said...

that is basically the same fit i have on my mammoth but i have 2 multi spec ECM2s on it just in case. a mammoth is probably the most cost effective/time effective hauling boat in the game, its no itty 5, but it hauls perfectly fine without having to wait an extra 20-25 days to step into it