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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An evening of carebearing

After the flood of action over the last few days, it was with relief that I greeted an evening of running anomalies and "doing" PI.  The bankroll needs to be replenished, new hulls must be acquired and new fit sets must be assembled.  Note that I'm not exactly bleeding funds, but I am in the process of building up 0.0 reserves.  Expect continued posts in this vein until I feel I've reached a comfort level.

In other news I'm no longer running through Barrage M like it's a box of Rice Krispies (i.e. by the large cargo container full).  Finally got around to stabilizing my ammo supply situation (i.e. melt loot -> manufacture Phased Plasma M -> kill rats for loot -> repeat).  I also discovered that Hail M kills battleships faster and cheaper than Barrage M (average of 30 volleys instead of 40 volleys) but that due to resist patterns, plain Jane Phased Plasma M is probably still the best bet.  So my efficiency both in isk and time is going up when running anomalies. 

On the PI front my Robotics production is stabilizing nicely.  My alt is currently doing construction parts and coolant.  The construction parts are to pile up a reserve for future projects.  After that I'll probably convert that part of the chain to a different production chain like Enriched Uranium or Mechanical Parts.  We'll see.  I'm basically running 4 resource extraction and one production planet per character and that seems to be working out well.

My high sec alts are on 4 day extraction routines simply doing 5 extraction->P1 planets each.  Just to keep my life simple (go to planets - pick up P1's and reset extractors - head to market - sell - go back to extraction system - repeat every 4 days)

No progress on my stable of ships last night as it was dedicated to making iskies as opposed to the logistics of getting new ships to my home in 0.0.

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