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Monday, March 7, 2011

CTAs and the buildup continues

This weekend was a mix of CTAs and the continuing buildup of my nullsec reserves.  My latest shipment arrived and I was able to fit (and loose a battle cruiser).  I'm also starting to figure out which FCs are good and which, I'd rather not bring an expensive ship to their shindig.  Clue: broadcasting primaries and secondaries is good, saying "just shoot the thing nearest you" is bad.

The one problem I have with the build up of my 0.0 presence of course is the time it takes.  Basically I need to build up a stable of re-mounts from scratch.  This is an expensive proposition. Replacing combat losses at least has insurance to defray part of the cost.  An outright build up means you're paying full price for everything.  And in 0.0 even with a well stocked market, this is extra expensive.  Or time consuming as you purchase/build in high sec and ship it down.  The other thing is that even though you make isk much faster than you do in high sec (oh yea momma, come to papa you sweet iskies you).  Essentially re-shipping from scratch is a time intensive effort.  One more trip up to high sec and that should allow me to get the base of my "stable" established.  Once I do that it'll be "build back up to over 1 bil isk" and go shopping for the "cool" ships - like the Rapier, the Scimitar or the Munin.

In an effort to make a bit more iskies, I've started doing PI mainly to sell pos fuel to the corp.  Not sure how this is going to balance out in the long run, but being able to make some more iskies than just running anomalies and exploration sites is a good idea.  I've also decided to bring my alt Zindal down with me so some shuffling of corporations up in high sec is in order.  I'll also have a corporation for sale in high sec that can anchor towers in 0.7 Minmatar and 0.7 Gallente space for sale once I bring back my 3rd account (contact me via in game eve-mail if interested).


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

"Just shoot the nearest..."


At that point I think I would take over FC'ing!

Jeremie said...

Ouch, I feel for ya. I still remember an FC who felt the need to go into a long winded discertation regarding how to operate in 0.0.. at every gate.

It took an hour to move the fleet through five gates.

It was the highest point of irony/hyposcrisy when the FC kept telling the fleet to hurry up.