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Monday, March 28, 2011

A kill, ops and grid-fu

Saturday was a bit of a wash, between watching the live stream and being afk on a semi regular basis I couldn't justify being in a fleet and going afk every 20 min or so.  On the flip side there was a point in time where some neutrals were in system.  So I get in my Cloaky Loki and start a bit of stalking (cloaked up safes are nice when I had to go afk).  Eventually a nice neutral vagabond warps in to the ice belt at the warp to zero spot.  And starts motoring towards the sun at 2700+ m/s.  Eventually he turns around and starts re-approaching the belt.  Humm not headed at me but he IS getting closer.

So I pipe up on corp chat and let them know I may have a warp-in on the neutral Vaga - the neutral Rapier is probably cloaked in the belt though.  So one of the corpies gets in his carrier alt and a Rapier but unfortunately warps in from the wrong direction and a tackle is missed.  The Vaga warps off.  so the carrier and his Rapier head back to somewhere safe.  I'm surprised when the Vaga warps in behind me, pops drones and starts trolling for me (obviously he figured out I was providing a warp in even though he probably doesn't know what I'm flying.  I go "He's stupid enough that if I uncloak my Loki and tackle him, he'll go for me".  So I simply wait until he passes me then his drones get withing 5k of me I de-cloak and point him.  Sure enough he turns to attack.  But I'm not too worried as I have a carrier and a rapier coming back in.

While we were finishing him off - and the carrier kindly repaired my rather minimal shield damage, the neutral's corp mate uncloaks his rapier but he's too far away to help and besides what is he going to do at this point?  Rapier+Loki+Carrier vs Rapier+Almost dead Vaga.  About the only think he could realistically do is cyno in a black ops strike force.  That could have gotten messy but obviously these guys were either not willing to jump into us or didn't have the bomber forces ready to go.  So I get my 2nd true kill mail with R.A.G.E.  A nice sweet ambush of an ice belt raider.

The next evening was the all hands on deck in case the DRF come and mess with our station coming out of reinforced.  In the end they elected not to come (probably because it was Monday morning their time).  I ended up joining the bomber fleet when armor fleet turned out to want a different type of armor BS than I had in the operations area.  Things got a little funky when we discovered that the grid around the station we were defending was totally FUBAR. So we spent a few minutes getting bookmarks both in the main grid and in the 2nd grid to make sure that if someone warped/jumped in to this other close pocket that we'd know where they were.  Grid-fu was alive and well.  People who had never experienced the phenomenon were given links to the grid-fu manual so they could understand what was going on, and for the entire operation to repair the station and kill the SBUs we kept eyes on the pocket, just in case.  Very funky stuff.  One tactic is to bring snipers and fight at the border of the grid and we didn't want the enemy to be able to leverage that to their advantage, since it's like fighting at the edge of a pos shield.

Then it was stand down, Rep up the station some more (switch to my scimi) and then switch to a BS and go shoot at a station the DRF captured earlier in the day in Geminate.

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