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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Woah! That was impressively fast.

Whole lot going on last night.  I had a family dinner last night so I didn't get on until much later than usual.  I only had a 3h window for EVE last night, so I figured "should be a relatively calm, I can get some PI done and then run an anom or two before bed"...  Just goes to show you how wrong you can be.  Instead I get on and there's a CTA starting 2 min after I log in.  So I grab a Hurricane (I really am going to have to get that Maelstrom hull down to 0.0 - getting tired of showing up to shield fleets in hurricanes all the time - course it would be nice if the CTAs abate a bit to allow me to do so...) and burn for the formup area.

Once there it was a matter of waiting a bit as there seemed to be quite a bit going on at the command level while the fleet (cap and supercap heavy!) was forming.  I appreciated the chance to "look at" some ships I rarely get to see (having lived in high sec and wormhole space for most of my EVE career).  The delay was explained when one took a look at EVE maps and noticed a constellation in our space that was suddenly without sov.  In the end we were told that although the supercaps would eventually be dealing with some "issues" related to that situation, the fleet I was part of was going ahead with it's original plan.

And then things started to move.  It was to be "Incap everything we can find in the two DRF systems in Geminate".

So we are bridged down right on top of one of the iHubs we need to hit.  And the sub-cap fleet starts chewing away.  We're not doing toooo badly, when our cap/supercap fleet arrive.  As they finish deploying drones we are told to align to the outgate and start burning for the next iHub.  Holy hell!  Visible movement to the damage bar on the iHub.  By the time we warp then land at the gate (about 2min total from the time the supercaps landed on grid) the iHub was incapacitated.  The evening went like that for the next few minutes with us starting in on things and the supercaps arriving and "showing us the firepower".

We were undisturbed by the DRF for the duration of this op, this being deep in the US timezone.  And we bridged back to our staging system.  Cadillac all the way.  2.5h after start of op that op was finished.  At that point although there would be further ops I just had enough time to head back to home base, do 15min of PI and log for the night.

In the morning I check evemaps and sure enough all vulnerable systems were in NC hands after downtime.  Obviously the collective FCs had made the right call since we were able to achieve our original objectives and deal with the distraction of the sovereignty issue in our own back yard.  Not a great night for forwarding my personal objectives of getting more appropriate hulls and fits established but a good night for the NC as a whole it looks like.

Note:  I won't report what hearsay there was about the sov situation, except to say that there was a sov situation since that much can be observed through evemaps.  Mainly because it was hearsay and since I'm not involved in the higher level stuff (thank god!) there's no way to confirm the truth about what we heard.  Ah, politics, such murky waters.

Edit: Another point of view of these events can be seen at Kirith Kodachi's site

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Kirith Kodachi said...

BFF! ;)

Yeah, the capital fleet was impressive for pure tonnage last night.