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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My predictions

By now the voting should be over.  I will admit to slight disappointment with the last CSM for their overly focused on low sec priorities but what can you do.  I love how The Mittani rages about dirty politics and vote buying as I judge him to be most likely to engage in such antics. As such I predict that the odds are good that the two following people will be part of the CSM:

The Mittani (hey, it's Goonswarm - of course he'll get in)
Selene (ex Selene, ex CCP Abatur)

For the rest, I really have no clue.  I must admit to being Meh on most of the candidates.  I believe the CSM is focusing too closely on nuts and bolts details.  There needs to be more idea discussions to try and work on some of the major problems we currently have with sov warfare, pvp, and the economy in EVE.  We all know CCP has some problems with execution but there are also problems at the grand design level that should probably be addressed.

We're well along enough where some clear principals of how EVE operates should be clear.  The problem comes when you have internal inconsistencies and what not.  There's also the problem of lack of follow through with established subsystems.

I think this CSM is going to have many more internal dissensions than the previous one.  We'll see.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I wonder if this CSM will again mean the end of some council member's playing career. Losing interest in a game is one thing, but doing so publically with vehemence is sad.

On another note, plz tell your CEO that you have a CTA at Brutopia this Saturday at 7PM for the Montreal EVE Pilots Meet, Fanfest Edition :))

Toldain said...

The DC were actually backing two candidates - The Mittani and Vile Rat. If things go to plan, they both should get in.

"...many much more internal detentions..." Whoa, that makes the CSM sound a lot more interesting than I thought.

Letrange said...

Gah! stupid spell-check must have broke.

Rixx Javix said...

Generally those that protest too much are harboring some quilt regarding the issue they protest. A famous author said it better, but it seems lame to quote him directly.

As for the CSM I'm still not convinced it is little more than a PR tool. Not necessarily in a bad way or anything, but tool none-the-less. I keep an open mind however.

Rixx Javix said...

lol. Why anyone would harbor a "quilt" is beyond me! It seems as if your blog is cursed with spell-checking errors m8. :)

Obviously I meant "guilt"

Anonymous said...

If they have internal distentions, they should see a doctor. (I think you mean "dissension".)

And that largely depends on who is the chair. I firmly believe Trebor and Roc will be on the council in addition to the two you mention.

Let's not forget that this past group had all the foolishness with Ankh and whatnot as well, so the CSM is no stranger to drama.

Letrange said...


That's what I was referring to with the broke spell check comment. I fixed it.

Letrange said...

... twice ...