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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Long op and rumours and what not

Although the 2011 fanfest was not chuck full of meaty new games or mega-heavy announcements, the active player base should be impressed by the restraint shown this year.  As usual people will miss-interpret EVERYTHING that was said at each and every one of the presentations.  But that's business as usual in EVE.  The willfully blind mixed in with the purposefully misleading (aka market manipulators).  CCP however was very restrained on what they promised.  The video was more of a statement of intent rather than an item for item promise.  Think of it as one of those corporate "mission statements" but with more visual elements than usual.  I'm waiting for the Youtube rollout of the various panel and presentation recordings to pick appart the things I missed.  People keep saying things like "Eyog said mining will go away" or "Melted Nanoribbons will get nerfed some more".  Which I figure are the usual miss-representation of what was actually said.

Apart from that it was a long grind of an op last night in support of dreadnaughts rendering various and assorted things incapacitated.  I did however get to bring out my shiny new Maelstrom, so that was good.  It even survived the evening.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I'm truly not sure what EyjoG said; I wish I could've rewound the live stream!

Gratz on keeping the Maelstrom. On my side I'm inches away from joining Tyi or Genide...was thinking about going Tyi but if I go Genide I'll be in a target rich environment :)

Thorvik said...

@Coz yeah, prolly not enough action for you in U'K these days? Slow ramp up is slow. :( but better than it was in the recent past.