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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Building up.

Now that I've finally settled into 0.0, it's time to get serious about the buildup of my fleet.  Any pilot in EVE needs to maintain a stable of re-mounts.  Different ships have different uses and specializations.  On top of that you need to plan for the replacement of combat losses.  For my initial fleet I plan on having a back bone of six battle cruisers and six battleships.  Battlecruisers are for roams, fast response fleets and when I run out of battleships.  Battleships are for main fleets (going for strategic objectives as part of a CTA or Home defense fleet when called for by the FC).  Only once this backbone is in place will I work on building/re-building a stable of T2 ships for use on ops.

We'll see how it all goes but so far looks like within a few days I'll only be one BS hull short of my initial objective.  At that point it will be "build back up the funds" time.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes EvE seems a cycle of "I have money, I need to buy ships!... I have too many ships I need to lose them in fun and interesting ways!"