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Monday, April 6, 2009

Alts and argh

I'm getting to the point where I'm going to have to spend some real cash to un-screw my alts. Let's explain so you can see the problem. I have 2 accounts (and temporarily a third). Now here's how they stack up:

Letrange: my main
Let's account alt #1: CEO alt. Minimal skills just barely enough to create corps and run them
Let's account alt #2: Research/CEO alt. Again minimal skills.

Hauler account: My hauler alt (soon to be POS gunner as well).
Hauler account alt #1: Research alt only - currently market watching in Jita.
Hauler account alt #2: Research alt only.

Now here's my problem: The alts in the main account are actually relatively active and there are some extra skills I'd eventually like them to get, but it's my main account. The alts on the 2nd account don't see a lot of use as they are research alts and their activities are accomplished rather quickly. My CEO alt for example is in charge of the T3 project corp and sees a LOT of use. So while he's on my main can't be (although my main keeps training).

What I need to do is move my two research alts to my main account and my two CEO alts to my hauler account (since if he looses a bit of training time to another toon it's not critical).

This is where the ouch part comes in. I'd need to move an alt off the main account to that temporary third account move one of the resarch alts to the main, move the other ceo to the hauler, move the last research alt to the main and the first ceo from the temporary account to the hauler account. That's 5 moves at 20$ a move. ouch.

I'm still debating doing it since it will simplify my dual account one box setup. Less logging on and off my main all the time.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Huh... is this what's called "meta-gaming" ??? :))

torgat said...

Can't you move your mains instead of moving the alts and do it in 3 transfers?

Anonymous said... this is not meta -gaming..there is no advantage to him doing this over others except that he can do multiple things at once....Others can do the same, and in fact they do :)

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Yeah I know... it's just that 100$ in one shot is a lot of money. I did have a second account going for a while but in my case the piggy bank ran out.

Letrange said...

and Torgat wins the doh! moment. Thanks dude, if I decide to do it that would be a more intelligent idea.

Anonymous said...

If your CEO alts really have minimal skills then why not just dump them?
With the new double learning on new toons it shouldn't be too hard to remake them in short order :)

That would make it in two moves without using a third account...

1. Delete the second CEO alt on the main acc(one without a running corp)
2. Move a research alt to main
3. Create the first CEO alt on second acc
4. Move roles to first CEO alt on the second acc
5. Delete first CEO alt
6. Move the second research alt
7. Create the second CEO alt on the second acc

That would be 20$ cheeper but would take some training time

Letrange said...

Good suggestions