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Friday, April 17, 2009

We're learning

As everyone tackles the ECM "changes" and sundry other funky new features of EVE, we found ourselves in the grotto (nick name for the wormhole system we've colonized) in order to check out the new scanning changes. And the new grav sites.

Maaaaama mia!!! the miner in me went "shwing": a roid with 15000 units of arknor, 25000 units of Crokite and 25000 units of Bistot.... There was only one grav site in the system, but the roids in the site!!!! oh yea baby, now this is what we're talking about.

So, while the miners among us were salivating we spot a Falcon name hunter-killer on scan launching probes. "everyone warp to the POS". We (there were only 3 of us) basically spent the next 3 hours keeping an eye on the overview and sticking to the realy hard to scan sites and silently taunting our stalker by waiting until he had a bait Ferox on directional scanner, re-poped his scan probes and when he did we simply warped away to the POS. We actually managed to get some gas mining done while he was trying to nail us down.

This was a great way to test out our new anti-gank scan procedures and what not. We know from our own experimentation that although combat probes can scan down the easy sites, unless you're in a ship with a scan strength bonus it's just about imposible to nail an actual low sig hidden site with them. And using the scan probes as the warning mechanism instead of the ships is the way to go (your ship may be cloaked but your probes are not).

Eventually after 3 hours of this (and with a cov-ops keeping an eagle eye on the only wormhole out of our system) one of my pilots sent the only comment in local of the entire affair: "mmmm, fried Falcon". Evidently realizing we'd been on to him the entire time he decides to up an leave and my eyes on the wormhole report soon enough "the falcon just jumped out".

Pretty sure he was rather disappointed in his new "gank falcon" (I suspect he was trying out a new solo fit as we didn't detect fleet gathering in the high sec system connected to ours). 3h of nothing. Note: we had plenty of time to get stuff in and out of the system while this was going on, not to mention some admin stuff to clean up at the POS'es as well. We had a good laugh about it.

So after last weekend's disastrous gank fests (against us), the lessons learned and new stratagems seem to be paying off. Now we need to make sure the individual pilots get trained in these new techniques. Incidentally this makes combat sites the most dangerous sites to tackle as they can be scanned down using the on-board scanner instead of the probes.

I'm a rather pleased alliance leader atm.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

On-board scanner to get sites, eh? I smell some revenge in the air....

Letrange said...

The combat sites in wormhole space are all on-board scanner detectable.