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Monday, April 13, 2009

My pilots get complacent and pay the price

Well, it was bound to happen. You tell them and you tell them and they don't listen. Then they bitch:

"But you didn't tell ME"...


"But I had the module in my cargo hold"


"The FC told me to refit"...

Ok that last one is valid, and I'll be having words with the FC, but still. The only guys who don't need an excuse are the guys who got ganked by [R A]. A beautiful ambush by some people who know what they are doing. Even there there were mistakes. Loosing an orca to a POS take down. The fact that the pilot intended to take the tower itself down with a normal hauler after moving all the other modules in the Orca does not help when he messes up and offlines the tower too early.

Then later a hulk and a Myrm to the same pilot scouting for a nano gang? Little harder to swallow. This is where their lack of understanding of the politics of EVE comes back to haunt them.

First they did not post and analyze the kill mail. Doing so would have revealed a [R A] pilot. Which is part of <-A-> these days. So there would likely have been a 0.0 connection. Sure enough after they loose the Myrm and the Hulk the Myrm pilot pipes up "hey that's the guy from before". After which I say ok there's got to be a connection to 0.0 in the Catch region. Start scanning for the other wormhole now.

Sure enough we find another wormhole - In khanid space 4 jumps from Catch. Eventualy we close that hole but still good reminder to the pilots that this is 0.0. Warp core stabs are pointless when you get bubbled (yea one more WCS will save you from that bubble ... right ... sure).

I swear - weaning carebears of the warp core stabs is like taking one of those sucker things from a baby.

Then of course while that is going on an op manages to strand 5 pilots in wh space with the only probe equiped ship on the wrong side of the wormhole...

People, for the love of your ships, if you have any scan skills at all, fit a core probe launcher with 8 probes in it in a utility high slot when you fly said ship into wormhole space. The only people who have a valid excuse are those who don't have Astrometrics 4 yet. End of story.

Scuse me I need to find some nice solid oak to pound my head against.


Anonymous said...

"I swear - weaning carebears of the warp core stabs is like taking one of those sucker things from a baby."


Great post... Internet spaceships...

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

That last paragraph saved my ass tonight as I was playing like a 2-week old noob instead of a 1.25y old PvP-monger. Which is why I'm here posting because EVE is bad to me tonight.

If think you might get into wormhole, fit a probe launcher. Period. If you don't and get stranded, just self-destruct and don't cry about it.

Kyle Langdon said...

Truer words have never been spoken my friend.