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Sunday, April 19, 2009

That was a lot of EVE

Yesterday I was on quite a bit. Ok, I was on a whole damn lot. Between Friday and Saturday a lot got done. Humm, let's see...

1) Started my alt learning some indy skills. My main may not be getting a tower up in the wormhole for a while. The alt being a POS gunner has access to a pos with refining and assembly arrays and so a sudden need to be able to manufacture thing reared it's head.

2) Finaly got in touch with Sister Julie Whitefeather in game (from the No Prisoners No Mercy pod cast)

3) Started checking out the changes from the latest patch. This one was mainly lots of fixes but has proven to be a *skweeeeee* *win* type of patch.

4) Sucked on a Bistot roid for about 2-3 hours using a covetor in wormhole space without killing the roid. All the miners are giving this patch the stamp of aproval. Much less in the way of Grav sites but O... M... G... the size of the roids. *droooooool*

5) Our new technique for detecting intrusions is proving itself as we've managed to detect and repulse a number of intrusions into the wormhole lately. The one I'm most proud of involved our little band of mostly industrialists almost waxing a pair of Domies who incautiously decided that our wormhole was the place to operate. Cov-ops, Scorpion, Rupture, Brutix and Hound vs 2 Dominix. Although there were no losses on either side (the rupture was the only ship on our side with a point and had to warp off in structure), The fact that we had no losses and the two Dominixes vacated the system in short order means that it was a successful defense.

6) The Hound pilot is loving the new SB changes. I'm going to have to get one again and make sure my missile skills get up there once T3 manufacturing gets finished.

7) Made and tranpsported a mining frigate for one of the newbies of a younger corp that joined the alliance. Course by the time this happend we had that little engagement described above

8) The wormhole moved to a busier system and our PvP'ers took the chance to come visit and work on some of the combat sites. Once again keeping an eye out for the scan probes is paying off. One of my newer pilots is proving adept at getting pod kills of people entering and trying to leave the wormhole.

9) One of the more PvP oriented pilots went on a bit of a solo rampage in his Cerebus. Six cruisers for no loss in a random wormhole. Unzer duuuuude, well done.

10) Poped a run of 20 small mobile warp diruptor bubbles in the manufacturing slot back in empire so I can get those done. We'll be trainign people in their use soon.

11) Switched out my Rupture in the wormhole for a shield tanked Stabber because the wormhole has a Pulsar in it and the rupture was going down way too fast against the domies. I'll probably build a few more in there.

12) One of the other alliance industrial corps decided to do a POS takedown of an offlined POS in some other wormhole system.

I'm sure I'm forgetting things. Like I said - busy darned weekend. Well Tranquility is starting up, time to get back online. See you in space.