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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting the store sorted out

I think I may need to modify my store model a bit. I'm going to need to provide for greater hang time for individual items I have up for sale. I've been operating on a "maintain modest quantities of items on sale so that you only manufacture stuff that sells once it gets going". But the problem I'm encountering is that if I'm away for extended periods, a lot of stuff sells out and I have a massive production run to do all at once when I finally make it back to the store.

One thing I've noticed about wormhole space: Income for the most part is long term. This means that corps/alliances without the ability to operate for extended times without regular income or those that don't have multiple streams of income will be getting out of the supply side of the business soon enough.

I'm also getting rather tired of pointing out the obvious to those who don't bother to run the numbers.

I will be glad when I finish getting T3 manufacturing skills - Just finished getting those T3 science skills in place now it's time for the manufacturing side to take over the skill plan for the next few weeks.

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