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Sunday, April 5, 2009


Ok, time to talk a little T3 stuff and why we're not seeing a lot of stuff on the market yet (nor will we for a couple of months). As you all know Apocrypha brought all that juicy T3 goodness to the EVE universe. And people are wondering why we're not seeing a large quantity of T3 ships on the market yet.

The answer is simple: Manufacturing skills.

Making a T3 cruiser/subsystem is a 4 stage process done along 2 branches. Along one branch you have ancient relics that get reverse engineered into BPCs. Along the other you get Gasses which are reacted into polymers which with salvage are manufactured into T3 components. Then finally these two branches join to manufacture a T3 cruiser hull or subsystem because the T3 ships are only made up of T3 components.

3 1/2 weeks into Apocrypha and AMC (my alliance for those asleep at the wheel) is able to react the gasses and manufacture the components. This without problem and rather quickly (still some shortages of specific gasses but hey can't have everything). We can make all the components. Still no problem. We've even started (un-successfully so far) to reverse engineer hulls and subsystems. The kicker is that last step is a doozy.

It will take me 29 more days from today to be able to manufacture a T3 subsystem. Assuming others will concentrate on the hulls, that means it will be 44days from today to be able to manufacture all T3 subsystems. Then to be able to manufacture a Loki it'll be 90 days from today, add about 22 days for each racial cruiser hull after that.

Now admitedly most of that is working up the pre-requisites. But still this means that the number of pilots that could have conceivable manufactured T3 ships in short order was actualy quite rare.

Supply and demand is going to do funny things over the next few weeks. The price of most T3 components is going to drop as the gasses, salvage polymers and components don't move very fast. BPCs will also start going down as they don't move very quickly. Slowly people will get out of the farming of this stuff as it doesn't pay very much. Then slowly over the next 2-3 months demand will pick up as more and more industrialist will finally be coming online. By which time most of the farmers (except the isk farmers) will have gotten out of the market. Then slowly the glut of components will clear out thanks to more manufacturers coming online causing a rebound in the basics prices. This combination means that the odds of of seeing a sub-1B T3 cruiser in the next year are probably smaller than people think.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Well, at least we know of one guy who keeps the demand flowing... 2 T3 ship losses in under a month. I hope I help him lose his 3rd one !!!

Karox Lominax said...

Well put :)

Im still miles away with preprequisite skills, ive got way too much on my plate at the moment to actually worry too much about building T3, my next big plan is to get all the tech 2 invention skills up to a level where I can invent pretty much anything I want, and from there, plus get the reverse engineering bit done, but I dont have much interest in the final assembly part, theres a lot of pre-req skills there thats pretty low on my plans.

Anonymous said...

our industry guys can build em except getting the relics has proven to be well impossible. in the last 12 WH's 0 zero...nada

Letrange said...

@Karox well I'm at 29 days till I'm able to manufacture all of at least one faction's subsystems, 44 days for all 4 factions subsystems - I've got others in the alliance concentrating on the hulls atm

@Manasi Hulls are rarer, they seem to be of the actual ships from what we've seen so far, quite a few mag sites have been seen and spelunked. AMC's Inventory of relics is growing and just waiting for other people in the alliance to finish getting the requisite skills to 4/4/4 to attempt reverse engineering on them. Good mix of malfunctioning and wrecked.