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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Decisions and using Buy orders

Yesterday's post was kind of terse. The reason is that I was deep in thinking about the forward planing for the alliance. Not something one talks about in public. Sort of a let's go over what worked and what did not and what can be improved to forward our objectives of becoming a T3 manufacturing alliance.

This mainly involved going over the mass of stuff we learned over the last month about how T3 and wormholes work and formulating a plan of attack in order to secure a more consistent supply of the bottleneck items as those of us who can transition from T3 gatherers to T3 manufacturers.

Dealing with internal alliance politics is of course part and parcel of this type of thing.

On a more personal front, I finally got enough isk rolling in the T1 store that I can put up mineral buy orders without impacting my running isk too badly and have started doing so once again. I've also managed to ship some of that Bistot I mined in the wormhole out to the station in high sec I operate out of. This will seriously reduce my dependence on Megacyte re-sellers in high sec (valued at what I could sell it for of course - I don't come cheap).

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