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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some reflexions on the inevitable hue and cry

Reactions to the destruction of the BoB alliance are coming in fast and furious. Various views are being expressed regarding these events. Whether these views are in reaction to the facts or whether they are in reaction to the FUD is kind of irrelevant. The fact his people are reacting.

What we know of the event: BoB the alliance is no more.

What seems likely: A high level BoB executive (director access to the executor corp) went rogue and betrayed his alliance (the fact that it was the Goons that reaped the most benefit is irrelevant per see).

As these events sink in we are seeing various responses from various sides of the issue both inside and outside New Eden.

But first lets establish some facts:
- The mechanics that allowed this to happen were well known to all parties involved. Both Goons and BoB are past masters of metagaming and scamming and are chuck full brimming with players of dubious moral character. For the Goons I believe it's even an entry requirement.
- The mechanics that permited this are in the game INTENTIONALLY. This is not the case of some developer not knowing about a bug and someone exploiting it. Everything that was done by the defector is something that others have, one way or the other, done in the past.
- The world lore in this case is that EVE is a dark and dangerous place, in 0.0 space you are operating way way way beyond the protection of any structured entity. Each pilot is law unto himself and the universe is filled with scoundrels.

All of the above was made clear time and time again both in game and thru media reports about EVE. The fact that a lot of players keep trying to pull EVE towards a more "devs please protect the players" ignores the fact that one of the design intentions was that the players be free to play spoiled little godlings. This game has very little forgiveness for those to can't take what they can give out.

So the game permits this to happen. The fact is that BoB could have accomplished it's goals without leaving themselves open to this type of incident. They got lazy - paid the price.

As far as CCP's subscriptions figures being affected by this? Probably not at all. A few will rage quit over this. The rest - being adults and admitting there were problems the needed to address they ignored till it was too late (we're talking in BoB here, NOT with EVE), will learn and go on. The press will draw people to the game. Some will stick some won't. EVE is an intentionaly harsh game. We keep repeating it to you often enough. Pay attention.

EVE is very much like a very very hot sauce. It's an acquired taste. There's a reason McDonnalds doesn't server food with Blair's hot sauses as an optional condiment. When one goes and plays EVE if one has the expectations that one will have one's hand held along the way like in 95% of all other MMOs on the market, one will rudely discover that this is not the case. It's a bit like reaching for a dab of Tabasco and finding instead that one has grabbed Blair's Sudden Death sauce instead. For those knowing what to expect however there's nothing quite like it. EVE is the exreme sports version of an MMO.

On the flip side, one of my reflections last night as I stood and toasted "BoB is dead, long live BoB" (with some Bells Scotch) to mark the occasion, that never in my life have I ever stood and toasted some random event in a television program. When EVE delivers entertainment it does so in spades.

I think what we'll find is that BoB will reform under some different flag and that after a firm house cleaning will come back with some serious axe to grind. Expect some crazy markets for the next few days. I look forward to the chaos. Should keep life interesting.


Geaux Tiger said...

Good insight. Enjoyed reading it.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

My Heineken is raised!

Anonymous said...

Very well put :). It sure is one of the more remarkable events in eve !!!

John Holt said...

You didn't give coverage to the fact that some are claiming an account hack was what was at the base of this. Why should we accept the Goon explanation at face value?

Letrange said...

@Ahnog - congratulations on being part of the tinfoil set. In all cases like this accusations of hacking fly about the internet. In most cases the rumors are false and put there specifically to try and get events like these reversed. So I never give credence hacking rumors. To many people use that as an excuse.
You don't need to accept goons statements at face value. On the other hand the fact remains that BoB is no more, Goons have a corp with the name to block the alliance resurrection and delve is all open.

WTM said...

Great analysis....

John Holt said...

My point was not that hacking did happen, my point was that in reporting/commenting on an event both sides should be given; and that we shouldn't accept at face value a one sided view of things.

Great column otherwise.

Bahamut said...


What I'm concerned about is the Goons having too much power and making life overly-difficult for everyone else.

I've spoken about this on my blog, and an anti-Goon coalition seems to be a growing concept. Not an alliance per se, but a united front against total Goon control.

Diametrix said...

I agree with Psyche,
Goons will be the new NPC rats. And look, they have better AI! Maybe this whole episode was CCP's way of installing the upgraded AI functionality for npcs.

They just didn't bother telling the players that are Goons that THEY are the NPCs.

Let's all get to 'ratting'.