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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Doh! Make use of the alt!

As my refit issues have come to light, and my main high sec base being located so far from my jump off point to 0.0, I have come to realize that I need to be just a wee bit more organized than I've been. Yep getting the two battleships to the jump of point will be tedious (scouting alts ahoy), but I was also looking at kitting out some T2 equipped cruisers for more mundane PvP ops (mainly in the hopes the BS's will be more available if I don't kill them both off in the first op down there).

And as I was looking at the 29 jumps from my base to the jump off point, and cringing, I suddenly clued in: Doh! I have a hauling alt! They are not only for mining operations you know... So the plan is to use my main (with the alt's scouting help) to get the two BS to the jump off point and then use the alt to haul cruiser packs from my base to the jump off point.

What is a cruiser pack you may ask? It's the number of cruisers, mods and ammo included that fit into a single hauler run. Being a miner means that both my main and my alt are capable of hauling jet cans. 27.5k m^3. A packaged cruiser is 10.0k m^3. This means that each trip my alt could haul 2 cruisers and their fittings to the jump off spot. This also means that as I build up my isk reserve, I can buy replacement hulls and fittings using my alt and ship them along to the jump off point and leave them up on contract for my main. This should allow me to maintian a better time on station down in 0.0.

Ah logistics. I can see one of the things I'm going to want to develop in the revamped AMC will be some good logistics planning. Especially with wormholes looking so promising. Here is the thinking: Regardless of how quickly we get combat pilots, without serious dread capability moving into territorial 0.0 is prety stupid (if we don't want to be someone's pet). On the other hand we'll have access to wormhole space from high sec. It looks like T3 exploitation and manufacture will be complex enough to require some serious long term development in order to get into T3 manufacturing. I suspect that after an initial flurry of activity, the true scope of the effort necessary will scare away the lazy who will go back to their level 4 missions. Expect T3 ships to be rarer than faction cruisers.

This should have some nice (from an industrialists point of view) side effects:
- Reduce the overall number of competitors in the long run. This means that worm hole space presense will be spotty after the first few months.
- Which in turn should cause the pirates to go back to low sec in short order as the number of potential victims goes down.

On the flip side for a mainly industrial alliance in high sec this should prove to be very very good. The style of pilot needed to exploit these new resrouces looks to be heavily tilted to the combat pilots with the new rats fights more closely resembling PvP style combat, and this being un-secure space, combat pilots will be needed to exploit it. Which should prove to be a draw for those not wanting to deal with 0.0 politics but also not want to be stuck mining or mission running. It should allow for a gradual build up of combat capable pilots within a high sec alliance without the usual problem of "how to keep them entertained".


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Yer funny! Especially when your hauling alt is tons better at hauling than mine :)

Letrange said...

LOL, the problem is my main and my alt have about the same capacity for hauling things. So I don't automatically think of him.

Anonymous said...

Mmm, there is another, sadder reason for which the wormholes will see less attention shortly.. And the pirating will go back to lowsec.

The rich moons in wormspace will be found and conquered. With the wormhole mass mechanics it will be impossible to destroy those POSes.

Sadly, the only ones with the logistics to do the POS in the first place are big alliances, thanks to the POS jump thingie: a big alliance is able to move a worm-squad to the wormhole of their choice in half nullsec.

Letrange said...

Ah but that's been nixed: No jumping in and out of wormhole space except thru wormholes.

Anonymous said...

Yep, and that's a problem imho. An alliance with several jump bridges can always find a way to reach their own wormspace system. A small industrial corp otoh will have to deal with being unable to access it several weeks per year.