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Monday, February 16, 2009

Bit o ratting, bit o killing

This weekend was once again an on again and off again sort of a weekend. Saw a bit of action. The best part of which was a sweet kill on a Deimos using my sniper BS. The rest of fleet got some really good tackle on that one since it was a safe spot bust. I was rather happy with my BS on that one as I managed to get top damage dealer.

A less interesting one was the loss of one of my heavy tackle Ruptures. Totally my own fault for loitering where I shouldn't have been and getting picked off. Ah EVE, so unforgiving of mistakes...

During some down time I also did some ratting/picket duty. Made back a bit of the isk I lost with the Rupture I lost. I also have to get two of the Ruptures still in high sec down here. At least they are at the jump off point.

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