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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Battleship buying spree

Well, the tower sold some time during the tourney so I can now buy some PvP battleships and get them down to where they need to go. While waiting for things to sell, my Prowler got a good workout.

At this point I think I'll start with one Tempest and one Typhoon. And also with some cruisers. Getting them all down to 0.0 will prove to be the most annoying part of the operation. I will admit to taking notes about things I would run differently and do differently. Theoretically I'm trying to PvP as much as possible while being self sustaining isk wise. The self sustaining part is working out. More through luck than anything else. The availability for PvP is not. Most of the reason is that with the exception of making use of jump bridges, I'm responsible for getting all my combat ships and supplies down to the 0.0 combat area myself. Which is fine. Between my Prowler and the fact that it's mostly combat ships with relatively little supplies necessary (ships rarely last long enough at this stage to necessitate re-ammoing) It's not too bad. But it does cut down enormously on my availability as a PvP pilot, regardless of any budgetary constraints.

Some serious thought needs to go into aranging proper logistics not only for the infrastructure needs but also the combat supply to any PvP element. No 0.0 entity will ever be completely self sufficient with the current arangement. If only because of the POS fuel needs of any infrastructure set up. But having combat pilots out of the loop for extended periods of time due to the need to go back up to high sec and refit is probably highly counterproductive.

One thing AMC will need to address if one day we're ever to look seriously at heading to 0.0 will be a proper logistical plan that is conceptualy clear to all pilots even if operational details are kept close to the vest. It needs to be usable by all corporations in the alliance not just those that are lucky enough to have jump freighters and what not. Also thought will need to be given to making sure that even if a pilot is low on combat ships that he's available to help out with combat ops and that standardised hulls and fittings are available for distribution to pilots who can fly specific ships but don't happen to have them available in their personal hangars.


Anonymous said...

Logistics was the reason I posted my small rant about carriers and whatnot being vital for 0.0 alliances. When you jump bridge do you do so from low sec empire or 0.0? not having used one yet I am curious.

Letrange said...

0.0 to 0.0 - shortens the ship movement considerably.

Bahamut said...

I'm going to be supporting my PvP through missioning. Luckily for me my corp is very good at supplying actual equipment most of the time, so they usually just give me whatever I want, since my taxes pay for a lot.

Letrange said...

@PsycheDiver - The thing is that there is a difference between supporting in the isk sense and supporting in the logistical sense. Ask yourself: is the time a pilot is not available for PvP due to:

1) making isk to be able to buy PvP ships.
2) acquiring said ships and fittings.
3) moving said ships and fittings to the battle zone.

To be available to PvP you need 2 things: a ready fit PvP ship (fittings and ammo - preferably insured already), and you need to be near the start-up point. With some bad FC'ing or just plain bad luck it's quite possible to run out of "ready ships" in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to sustain a PvP fleet of your own when you're new to it. My number one rule to PvP is always to assume that the other player is better than you are, this give you the mind set to pay attention to everything a little more. Is my transversal high enough, am i close enough to my RR buddies, am i firing at the right primary, etc etc.

Now the question is, can i use a jump bridge in my carrier? I've been hesitant about jumping out of our Outpost system since it's cyno jammed. If so, I could help you get those BS's to 0.0. I can get from Oijanen/Maila to our constellation in one jump.