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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where were you when?

EVE beats television hands down for drama bombs. The first thing is that rumors and innuendo are running rampant across the forums and in chat/voice channels. Regardless of how this finally turns out, either one of the most epic backstabings in EVE or one of the most epic fails. Only one thing is for certain at some time between 0:00 and 2:30 EVE time, the Alliance Band of Brothers was disbanded and closed down.

For proof I point to anyone to just take a look at the info on Reikoku corporation as in the following pic:

Bye Bye BoB

And in a move designed to rub salt in the now fresh wounds, Goonswarm has had one of it's innumerable alts create a Band of Brothers corporation. This effectively blocks Band of Brothers from re-creating their alliance under the same name. On top of that in 6h 30min there is downtime and all of Delve goes free-fof-all. Expect chaos over the next few days. If this was a "legitimate" spy and smash and grab operation by Goons or treachery by a dis-affected BoB member is undetermined at this time. We'll find out over the next 24-48 hours as the tinfoil beany set mutters darkly about hacked accounts and FUD settles in.

Blocking the alliance name

An event of such magnitude - regardless of whether CCP reverses it or lets it stand is such that my current CEO decided to record the event for posterity by creating a medal and awarding it to all in the corp who were present online at the time.

My first medal

Most definitly a "where were you when JFK was shot kind of moment".


Anonymous said...

That thing is awesome!!! soooo much repercussions out of this. Now as for goon's deadpool... i pick june 2009

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Yeah I'm so effing happy big bastards like BOB have been taught a lesson!!!

Congrats on the shiny metal, I will take a better inspection of it this weekend :D

Bahamut said...

I was buying drones when it all happened.

I stayed up way too late trying to keep on top of it.

Delve is probably is a huge amount of chaos.

Anonymous said...

Either way this is bad for Eve. If it was legit it highlights some really crappy mechanics (one guy can kill an entire alliance with a button???). If it was a hack it'll provide the crazies and haters with ammo for years. Either way, Eve comes out looking the worse for it.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

OMFG WTF ?!?!?!

And of course I had to be offline when this bomb got dropped. I guess we'll see traffic coming out of Catch pretty soon. The more traffic, the happier the Bozos :))

Letrange said...

@coz - hey I tried to call you last night to let you know... you should have a message on your cel :P

Leumas said...

I don't know that EVE comes off looking worse. It highlights the fact that nowhere is safe in EVE (which is what the pirates keep telling me), and that it is a truly sandbox style game. You can do anything you want to, even infiltrate high levels of sovreign nations and bring them down from inside.

Anonymous said...

Bob being closed totally over shadows that Goons had a titan stolen from them just a little while ago.

This is definitely a world shaping event!

Gratz on the medal :)