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Friday, February 13, 2009

Made it!

As my cold finally breaks (gah! right on schedule - stupid 7 day colds), I finally find myself back in 0.0 space. Thursday night proved to be a nice tranquil time to move my new 4 PvP ships down. I've also got 2 more ships in transit using the hauler (turn on alt's client, grab courier contract, set destination to high sec jump off point and autopilot while playing on main).

As I moved my final ship into dock (my beloved Prowler bringging lots of explosive goodness in the form of a Paradise Cruise Missile supply). The call went out that a scout had found an unanchoring enemy tower in relative issolation and without an enemy fleet to escort the operation... Vissions of my own two stolen towers tell me imediately that someone needs to learn about offlining towers... The hard way.

A scratch strike force, including a brave (read suicidal) hauler pilot was quickly mounted and were individualy burning to the target system in short order. I jump in one of my Ruptures, making sure the insurance is paid up. This type of operation depends heavily on speed and surprise to pull off. Sure enough as soon as I hit the system in question, our hauler had just picked up the tower and some members of the corp to whom the tower belonged two were in system. As my sensors clear At the gate I came in thru I find a lone rifter.

Since I find myself on the exit gate we'll be using to egress the area, I immediately request permission to engage and kill the Rifter. Props to the Rifter pilot for trying even when out gunned, but 5 Warrior II's and my cruiser's Dual 180mm's make sort work of him. His pod manages to escape me, but I chawk up another solo kill in my combat career. After quickly assaying the rest of the ship types in our rag tag little fleet, I determine that I've got the cheapest ship in all probablility. Possibly not by much since it's mostly T2 fit, but the odds are I'm the cheapest. Not having a real scout, I imediately start scouting on the route back as we get a haul on.

The rest of this little op happens without any incident and we get a shiny new large tower which one of the pilots had been contemplating purchasing anyways. With the knowledge that our defenses will soon increase in alliance space, a fresh kill on the KB, and the satisfaction that our quick little squadron performed with excelent speed and coordination, we part ways to finish off a lazy Thursday night.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Gratz on the kill, but yeah, the Rifter pilot had more balls than sense :)

Solo kills are hard to get in Bozo; apparently everyone is a bit too hungry for lood >:))

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I mean blood of course... LOL

Anonymous said...

Grats... My corp is at its early days compared to yours, but I am too a wannabe industrialist/pvper! But, I am on the caldari side... Will we meet in war one day?

Some time ago I posted in a comment a question, but it was old and you missed it.
I always hear that t2 bpos aren't that important because an inventor can out-produce a t2. But, what prevents a t2 bpo owner from doing copies of his bpo and building as many items as the inventors do?

Letrange said...

- Only if you join FW on the Caldari and I join on the Gallente side. As far as individual wars go - that would depend on way too many factors to predict. Although generally 2 industrial entities rarely go directly head to head PvP in EVE.

- I think a general post about this is in the offing. Check back in a bit.