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Monday, February 2, 2009

Settling in to 0.0

After an active weekend of both being in 0.0 fleets and acting as a picket while ratting I decided to go rat some more. Building these battleships had left my wallet kind of thin. The lost of one of my two cov-ops to some aggressive scouting also hurt.

This time round, being more relaxed, I remembered to get some pics. Here we have some drones returning to my ratting Typhoon after killing some Guerista rats. What's nice is 3 of the 5 drones were close enough to get their engine trails showing.

Going back to the drone bay

The next one was just a nice picture of my Typhoon aligning to it's next destination. I found it was just a nice shot.

Heading out of the belt.

Also got some hauler spawns this time so needed to pick up oodles of minerals. Ended up buying a hauler at inflated 0.0 prices but what the heck - beats running it down.


من أجل التمكين said...
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Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Agreed on the price of BSes; I'm bracing myself for the purchase of my first Tempest. No rush though, I have to beef up some skills first :)

Bahamut said...

Awesome pics! You'rer one of the few people who can make a Typhoon look good.

Leumas said...

Eve playing the game regularly, I am still amazed at how good the graphics can look.

Great pictures.