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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Roller coaster

Well the roller coaster ride in 0.0 continues. Thursday I log on and get immediately dragged into a fight with some Russians - bye bye Rupture. Then comes Friday morning. Again I get dragged into a fight against some Russians. This time not only do I loose my Typhoon but when we check the kill mail we find out that one of the RR battleships on my own side was trying to use his 425mm rails to heal me... He got top damage dealer. Thanks dude. My very first PvP battleship loss and the top damage dealer is from my own side...

A little later I managed to get my Bellicose erased from existence to a Zealot. Mind you that one was not too much of a problem, but this leaves me without PvP ships in 0.0 in short order. Course with all insured I then proceed to go ratting, get a Dread Guristas spawn. It has a Dread Guristas Control Tower Medium (DGCTM) blueprint (1 run)... I look at my liquid isk total. And proceed to go rat for the rest of the day.

by the end of the day I have enough isk to go to high sec with my BPC with the intention of manufacturing a DGCTM. I make it up without too much in the way of incident. Interestingly along the way I manage to skirt a gate camp with sling bubbles on the gate into low sec. Admittedly it wasn't much of a gate camp. But the incident at least confirmed what I had been told. Namely that if you place an off plane warp in point on grid but 150km+ from the gate, you'll be able to get to the gate's grid without getting sucked into the bubbles. You can then analyze the situation at your leisure and decide whether to take the gate or not.

I believe I have mentioned that I love my prowler?.. I love my prowler. See? Occasionally CCP does boost a ship. Covert ops cloak are the best things since sliced bread on that ship.

Long story short: got too high sec without incident. Found a station, bought a Caldari Control Tower Medium, bought the necessary mins, hauled what was needed to the station I was going to build in. Got the DGCTM cooking and tomorrow I'll put it up on contract. Now with only 2.6mil isk left in liquid, I'll be a little short to start replacing my ships, but since these towers go for 430-500mil I should be able to afford some nice PvP ships once it sells. I'm thinking a pair of ruptures for tackle, and a Typhoon and a Tempest and getting that cov-ops replaced.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Top damage from your own side... nicely done! I hope the perp got an ear-full.

Oh, plz MAPU fight like this when Bozo comes to visit >:)

AlansJourney said...

I'd be asking the 'friendly fire' guy to pay the value of my ship replacement at an amount equal to the percentage of damage he dealt. I think that would be fair.

If he refused, an argument could then be presented that he was purposefully firing upon you.

Anonymous said...

:( That's the worst thing about RR. I've done that a few times, but only for a cycle. And i'm quick to apologize for it.

Hooray for the prowler! I love mine too. I'm pretty much invincible with it, not even a massive BWF gate camp can keep me from getting through!