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Monday, March 24, 2008

Planning time

The BS Project is nearing it's end. Plans for the disposition of the assets of the project are in place. This has been a bad weekend for BS sales. But what can you do? Some times they just don't sell that fast. Also there haven't been any great big wars lately. So the market has calmed down.

In other news red has put in an order for bpc's which I'll try to fill in some semblance of order. Working from the small hulls on up. I'll be glad when the BS project comes to an end and I can re-dedicate my research skill to personal projects like red's bpc collection.

On to alliance stuff. I've determined that there are a few things we need to do to get the ball rolling again on the alliance side. We didn't do a mining op this weekend. So once again we have the situation where if I'm not around that doesn't get done.

We need to get some form of newbie training in place.

We need to get some PvP ops going.

We need to find some way to integrate the mission runners into our operations.


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