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Monday, March 3, 2008

Busy week

It's been a busy week. In no particular order:

  • ASMIC built Typhoons #7 and #8
  • I ran my mineral and sales reserves close to zero
  • I refilled my mineral reserves
  • I got the minerals for Typhoon #6
  • Typhoons #3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 sold amongst the mass buy up of Typhoons that seemed to be going on this weekend.
  • Helped out on the weekend mining op (got in for the last 2 hours after a lot of hauling).
  • I manufactured and sold mass quantities of modules and ships this weekend
    • Started weekend with 95mil in the operating fund
    • payed the rents
    • bought minerals to fill up bunkers
    • down to 45mil (so arround 50mil of minerals)
    • Manufactured like a madman
    • put stuff up on sale
    • mineral bunker bottomed out again but the sales brougth the bank to above 60mil
    • Someone cleaned out my small projectile turret modules on sale (entirely - contacted him and found out he was just getting his corp module bank filled up "and they were at a good price").
    • bought more minerals
    • operating fund down to 19mil (thank god Devorik had some mins for sale)
    • Stuff started selling like mad
    • Operating fund was up to 75mil and I was slowly catching up on the manufacturing.
  • Managed to get my disposable hauler killed in low sec dead-heading (I was pushing it, knew it would happen eventually, but a) it had already made it's cost in profits from low sec trading ventures and b) I had it's replacement in the wings ready to go, so was actually laughing that the pirates only got 3 tech 1 expanders and 2 tech 1 medium shield extenders - and they were firing at me with a battleship)
  • All in all it was a VERY active weekend for me.
I've come to some conclusions. Before we get right into REAL cap ship production we need to grow some more. At a minimum we need to at least double our active pilots. We'll see how the BS production picks up once the BPO is out of the research cycle and into the copy cycle. But for us to make a serious go at high sec freighter production we'll need to:
  • Raise about 8 times the isk we raised for the first venture.
  • Be able to comfortably maintain mining and manufacturing production without burning anyone out.
At this point in time we'll probably have a lot of problems meeting any sort of reasonable production schedule with the number of people we currently have. We also need to have livelier discussion on the points scheme for the mining ops. Get them more established etc etc etc...

Fly safe space cowboys.

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