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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

And Relax....

Nice easy evening last night. Mainly just the usual industrial slot maintenance and a trip down to Maspah to pick up some of the remaining hulls down there. Did some rationalization of the hulls in Uttindar and packed up the ones I don't use often. I need to build 3 hulls to match up with the module load outs I have on reserve. Those would be a Bellicose and two Stabbers. I'll wait till the BPOs are reasearched to 10/10 before filling in the missing hulls.

Slowly getting caught up on production. Need to get more minerals but no panic. I think a change in strategy is called for soon. I'm finding that the manufacturing and selling of large ships is cutting in on my isk making time outside the corp. I need to rectify this. I plan to let the current BPC's in the corp CORP BP hangar to finish their runs. I'm going to get out of the cruiser production for my corp store. I'll concentrate on re-trenching to the BPO's the corp actually owns. This should allow my current mineral bunker size to last much much longer between refills and will allow me to concentrate on grinding standing at various NPC corporations.

A while back (don't remember if I blogged about it or not), I went and bought BPOs for my corporation independent of the BPO's I own as an individual. This allows me to have all of my personal BPOs in the system where the corp tower is. Since this is not my production system, I usually make max run bpo's of things I need to build and cart them over to the production facility in Eram. The corp BPOs get taken to Uttindar for research but then, once researched, are permanently installed in Eram. The corp store is re-stocked from production off of these bpo's. Up till now I've also been making BPCs of cruisers and battle cruisers using alliance copy slots. This keeps the otherwise unused alliance copy slots active and also allows me to keep the books straight for the cost of the copies. The principal is that if the corp (as a separate entity from myself) needs the copies, it should pay for them. Since the corp tower is a cooperative venture between myself and the other two active pilots in the corp, the slots on it our paid for out of our personal isk - the corp is not actively involved in that tower (which reminds me I need to switch some financing around if that's the case). On top of this, I really want to keep using my lab's copy slot for my own personal uses. So the corp pays for any of IT's research and copy needs over on the alliance tower. Luckily I have advanced laboratory operation 4 (10 research slots simultaneously) so have more research skills than I can use on my personal lab. I'm finding the mineral drain (and it's consequential re-stocking) to be rather onerous.

Therefore simply letting the cruiser and battlecruiser BPCs run their course will allow me to concentrate on more mission running and less hauling. I think to keep the work load down I'll use other modules. Make some max run BPC's of researched modules and try out the market. If they look like good fit have the corp buy the BPO and put it in the manufacturing rotation.

I'm slightly annoyed at CPP for their changes to the manufacturing waste formula. Originally you could get 'perfect' BPO within reason but upcoming changes mean that there will never again be such a thing as a 'perfect' BPO. Now a lot of the BPOs that the corp owns are of small enough modules that 'perfect' BPOs were possible. Now knowing this I've settled on ML:20/PL:20 as the standard for all modules/ammo/rigs and ML:10/PL:10 for ships as good research levels to get for the entire collection. I'm converting all my personal BPOs to this standard. And except for a few medium projectile ammo and rig ones that were above ML:20 already this won't be a problem. The annoyance is having to take the corp ones out of production for the length of time to bring them to this standard.

After the sell off of some tech 2 radar site loot and salvage over stock, my personal finances are looking rosy. I think I will take this opportunity to buy a 6month supply of NPC tower fuel for the corp tower. I think I will also transfer some alliance isk for the same purpose and stock up on the NPC fuels properly so that I don't have to keep running around hauling these.

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