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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Like a straight flush

Some days things just roll your way. It was starting out as a regular day. Get back to Eram from Maspah so I can put stuff in the oven. Switch around some research. Slip in that 3h39min skill so that the main one finishes when I'll be online. That sort of thing. Setup the purchase of fuel for the alliance tower, get the minerals from the bank for Typhoon #13. Drool over my Prowler some more as I fly back to Uttindar.

I get to Uttindar and go: Ok, so what do I do now? I decide, it being the middle of the week and all, to do some exploring. Drop the first Multispec. 3min later: ping, humm a Unknown. Well I haven't done a combat plex in a while, might as well nail it. I then lay a pattern of quests and start scanning. Four cycles later (12min for those keeping track) I get a 0.237 au ping. Abandon the quests, warp over and drop a sift. Three more minutes and I've got it nailed. I find an Angel Lookout. Not bad.

So I head back for my mission BC which is in the same system. Check the fit. Yep Angel fit (Explosive ammo, mix of Valkyrie II and Vespa II drones, Explosive and Kinetic hardeners). Burn out to the lookout and warp to the first room. Ah pretty easy - just destroyers and frigates. So I clean up. Then take a quick check at the roids... WTF??? Hemorphite?????. Thought process comes screeching to a halt. Re-sort the list by name. 5 Jaspet and 3 Hemorphite roids. In high sec... "Calling all miners", "Calling all miners" "Hemorphite in high sec, get your asses down here. This is an exploration plex with Hemorphite and Jaspet". So they get there eventually and start mining (Valk, Gaird and Cathrianne that is). I then go on and finish the second room. While blowing up the structures.... Escallation!!!!. Man that's like filling an inside straight flush. This is the 3rd I've ever gotten. At this point I don't know whether if I leave the plex disappears or not so I wait out the mining of the jaspet and hemorphite. At the end we discover that indeed so long as someone remains in the plex it won't disappear.

What a night.

That's all and fly safe everyone.

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