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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

In other news

Guyverman has hit 5.32 unmodified standing with Minmatar Faction. So just like myself his upcoming grinding will eventually push him over 6.0. When that happens I'll need to make a decision about Doc Lithius. The problem is that when he originally joined LCSC, the agreement was that he would work his standing above 5.0. Soon after he joined however he went AWOL from EvE due to RL. He's still not back yet. Once Guy hits 6.0 the corp will have the option of placing towers in 0.6 systems in Minmatar space and probably 0.5 systems in Gallente space provided we let Doc go. Should we need to do so I'll be forced to let Doc go. Probably with an eve-mail explaining the situation but it might happen.

Last Thursday the alliance mining op didn't go off. We need to find out who apart from myself and Norjia has perfect refines, and for Norjia we need to find out the NPC corps that he has perfect refines with. This will allow us to explore some areas of operation. We also need to get more organized for these types of operations. Do a proper exploration of a system to find out the following information:
  1. How frequently the system is mined out.
  2. Which corps are the main miners of the area.
  3. How frequent ore thieves/griefers cause problems.
  4. How accessible it is to alliance members.
We'll see if we can get more organized for these operations.

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