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Friday, December 2, 2011

More Incursions

I started the evening getting my PI plans firmed up and working on my main and my #1 alt's planets.  This got them knocked into shape.  My main's Barren planet got turned into a pure manufacturing planet with 21 advanced and 1 high tech factories.  This allows me to manufacture eve the most complex P4s straight from P1's with only the High tech factory being used at 50% capacity.  Takes a while to set up but once it's up and running I should be able to get a gantry and it's constituent parts pumped out in about 8 days.  I've just got to do some massaging of some of my other PI alts to make the materials input streams more consistent (especially from the Lava planet) and we'll be good to go.

Then I managed to get some incursions done and followed by some long distance hauling in my Freighter to round off the evening.  The hauling was in support of some more long term plans for the weekend.  Which is mostly going to be incursions for my main.


Cpt James said...

do you do incursions with an alliance or corp?

Diametrix said...


Are you operating your PI out of Low Sec? Or W space? Are you using a POCO yet or just the Interbus/Concord offices?

I roamed Black Rise lo sec yesterday and saw all of four player owned offices set up. I saw zero planets w/o a customs office of some kind.

I only closely viewed about 15 systems but I saw no evidence of rampant customs office terrorism taking place.

Letrange said...

@cpt james, neither atm - just pick up groups for now.

@Diametrix in high sec since I'm running high sec incursions so CONCORD