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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Friday and Saturday

Well, I get in an excellent incursion fleet on Friday.  I managed to nail the not so mythical 100mil an hour.  Props to the FC.  Ran with that fleet for 3h before it disbanded - very nice.

That and some PI pretty much took care of my Friday night.  I also re-activated my 3rd account which initiated some character shuffling.  Got the cyno alt over to the 3rd account, going to get the research ceo back on the 2nd account.  That'll have all 3 of my research chars on a single account which means I can un-sub them as a unit  when I don't need research and can work on getting the main research character cleared for T2 invention and stuff.  I also need to do some corp movements.  Make sure all the 3 characters on the research account are in the same corp and all that.

The other high sec capable corp I've got I'll be selling to friends (can anchor in gal 0.7 and min 0.7).  So by the end of the weekend, my fuel pellet bpos will be cooking.  They should be done by mid week at which point it's going to be a matter of converting most of my existing fuel stocks into pellets (keeping just enough to fuel that research tower through the switch over.  We'll see.

Didn't get a lot of incursions done until really late Saturday night.

Shuffle shuffle shuffle...

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