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Sunday, December 11, 2011


Between the Saturday incursions and the sale of the CO gantry (and attendant upgrade parts), I was able to scrape together enough isk to afford a carrier.  Now I need to build up my sable of "Fleet Doctrine Approved" ships in order to finally be ready to head back to 0.0  Should only take me another 1 bil or so worth of running incursions.

At least it will give me time to fit out what I can on the carrier and skill up a few things for more mods ans what not.  The idea is not necessarily to fly it in combat - but I've at least got the remote repairers and what not.


Naoru Kozan said...

Train Jump Drive Calibration V, it makes a huge difference to carrier jump range.
Also carry lots of T1 drones: ECM, lights, meds, heavies and sentries. 9 EC-900's should be enough to jam off any tackler

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Gratz dude!

You are clearly a more serious EVE player than I ever want to be :)

Letrange said...

@Naoru Kozan
I's on the list and yea the shopping list of things to stuff in it is not getting any smaller.