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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tidying up

After logging in, I was able to get my 4 fuel cube BPOs.  Researching at a tower it should only take 3 days to get those to ME:40 which is "perfect" for the cubes.  Then it'll be a matter of laying in a 2 week reserve while waiting for the exact date of the change over and plan on converting all existing pos fuel stocks to the new cube format after the switch over.

I wasn't really prepared for the new tornado BPO (not to mention my work hours conspire against me being able to truly take advantage of it).  But I did manage to do some flip and profit on Mexallon as well as sell 2 Tornados at a profit (one at over 200% of mineral value) so basically I was able to get my own tornado for free.  I'm not worried about the investment in the BPO since it simply goes into the collection and can be pulled out for use at any future moment in time.  Sometime in the next 3-5 days I should really make sure it goes into the research slots.

Otherwise it was a quiet Wednesday.  I fitted out an AC Thrasher last night and an AC Tornado tonight.  Should be interesting to use em one day.  In the meanwhile I plan on heading back to incursions to make back the isk I just used to secure that long term investment that is the tornado.  Being independent of the whims of the market is rather nice.  If I've got the time I can analyze whether it's worth making my own or buying off the market.

But on to incursions for the weekend.

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