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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Anatomy of a failed Incursion Fleet

Well it was bound to happen, My first fail incursion fleet.  Only one ship was lost, no sites were finished and the fleet was disbanded.  So, here's an AAR so that others may recognize when this happens and react accordingly.  Personally I learned a lot since it was my first attempt at an Assault.

The fleet started out well enough.  Trying to get 21 random people to work together is always a bit if a crap shoot.  I was the 3rd logistic ship to join so I knew I was in for a bit of a wait while the fleet firmed up.  But as we approached being ready, there were signs things could potentially head south.  The original FC had to change computers and then could not get on voice coms so another pilot volunteered to be FC.  Then there was backseat coaching from fleet chat which the new FC ignored and/or didn't pay attention to.  Not to mention certain people did not look like they were on voice comms (never a good thing).

Things started off with a we bit of a Leroy since there was cross talk on comms and we got in and the anchor was saved.  That's when things went a little south.  As the FC was trying to sort out targeting info and what not, one of the Basilisks made the cardinal sin of not broadcasting when he was getting yellow boxed.  Which means that the rest of us were slow off the mark to getting reps on him and he went down rather quickly (this can happen when one gets alphaed).  Then in the recriminating confusion that followed most of the DPS squadron warped off while one of the Logistics ships was tackled.  The rest of us stayed on the field while the remaining DPS killed the tackle and then we all warped off, so the only killed ship was a Basilisk (it could have been worse).

Needless to say the fleet fail-cascaded at this point.  A few observations:

1) I think I'm going to want a sebo with a scan script when I'm in Assault/HQ fleets instead of the tracking link.  In Vanguards it's not a problem as I can lock everyone up while in there. 

2) If you're in a cruiser, MOVE!!!.  For fuck sake, I don't care if you have 31k (or what ever) buffer tank, moving with an afterburner on makes that tank MORE EFFECTIVE by REDUCING INCOMING DPS...  How the hell do you think Scimitars survive?  It bloody well isn't our massive tanks...

3) GET ON BLEEDING COMMS.  Most FCs are too fucking busy to pay attention to fleet chat except for responses to questions they are asking.  If you need the FC's attention for something important, use voice - don't expect him to even notice that you're typed something.

Incidentally if you notice an FC that lets point 3 get out of hand (i.e. letting too many people in who ware not on voice comms - both ways) it's time to plan your bail out maneuver.

That's it for now.  It does not look like I'll be able to get together a fleet of 0.0 ships prior to January at this rate.  My presence online is going to go down over the holidays...  It being xmass and RL being RL.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Sucky fleets are sucky... I've been on a few (not Incursion fleets mind you) but it's never fun.

And yeah... "not on comms"... I've seen players get kicked out of fleets for less !!!

Besbin said...

A tip for the logis in AS/HQ: Always watchlist all the other logis as well as the anchor. If only the logis make sure to stay alive, the fleet won't cascade and any DPSer slow enough to broadcast has only himself to thank.