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Monday, December 19, 2011

Lots of things with the alts

This weekend was a "too much shit going on with real life" type of weekend.  So not enough time in single blocks to really get into incursions (their one problem).  I did finally get things sorted out with the character transfer of the last character over to my research account.  Oh that reminds me - I need to close off that petition.  About the only thing left to do at the moment alt wise is setup the head researcher's PI.  I've got the 3 BPOs that still need ME cooking away, and the PE stuff fully maxed out.

I probably should do a run of scimitar invention while I'm still in high sec.  I think I may be going thru a lot of them in the future and "rolling my own" is probably going to save me some iskies in the long run.  I'll need to do a datacore run but I do believe I haven't done one in quite a while so that should give me enough to rock on with.  One thing I'm going to need to do with the PI thing is concentrating the materials needed for fuels.

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