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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PI and Ice

As I didn't have a lot of time last night, I did some PI and some Ice mining.  To the tune of about 1.5h of ice mining and some PI flying around, the rest while I was ice mining.  My alt finally has his Mining Foreman Implant and was boosting quite effectively.  The cycle time was down below 4minutes.  This makes calculating things dead simple.  Basically a block a minute or 60 blocks an hour and the orca can hold 182 block... do zee math...

Meanwhile of course I perruse the forums and listen to various contacts.  Seems like the asshats have found a new method of griefing.  Get in a gang, take part in the remote rep web, gank some noob, everyone in the chain gets konkordoken.  Moral of the story?  Even if CCP puts in some form of support for pick up groups, ignore it, it's a trap.  Never ever ever fly with people you don't know.

Also since sites have a cap on the size of fleet that gets rewards larger fleets have been crashing smaller sites and making sure no one gets any rewards.  Personally I'd have advised CCP to simply reward the largest fleets (split the rewards for tied fleet sizes) that are under the limit instead of no one getting anything.  But hey, griefing for fun seems to be their design choice of the moment.

Advice for any new players?  Simply avoid incursion - it's stupid at the moment.  Also, from reports, the Sancha AI is aimed squarely at the 10mil+ SP (in combat skills) players who can work with other players of the same caliber.  Newbies need not apply except as lemmings.

Amusingly this is probably working out well in 0.0 space.  Instant protection for an entire constellation and since territory is usually controlled a constellation at a time.  The controlling entity can run the sites themselves under controlled conditions and reap the concord LP  for meta capital modules.

Also the overview is currently a little broken (can't remove neutrals from it).  I suspect tomorrow's patch will fix part of that.  PI and Ice mining are looking rather nice ATM.

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