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Monday, January 24, 2011

Been doing stuff

Well, now that the full patch is in, I figured it was time to check out the changes.  As you can see from my previous posts, I tried out the new character generator.  Got all my alts and my two accounts done and then re-done (even got a common theme going). 

I'm currently exploring the new PI.  Indeed it is MUCH less of a click fest.  Carpal tunnel is no longer a danger.  Also my main hauling alt is getting almost total maxed out as a Orca mining fleet booster (Foreman 5, Director 5, Warfare Link Spec 5, Orca 5, Leadership 5) I only needed Cybernetics 5 to get the mining foreman mindlink installed.  That will happen sometime tonight.  So I did a bit of mission mining and actually made use of my freighter to haul everything that needed to be melted over to a station I have perfect refines at.

I still need to work on my PI layouts and plans.  One thing that I think will throw a lot of people is the mix of units in the same columns on some of the screens.  For example when looking at the links table it shows incoming and outgoing links.  The problem is that the incoming units seem to be units per hour and the outgoing seem to be units per cycle.  Allow me to object to this strenuously as a stupid bug.  That's going to cause a lot of hair tearing and complaints on the forum for nothing...  *sigh*... I mean come on, this is "logbook 101" level stuff.

That complaint aside, one piece of advice I have for people with POS fuel chains is that you can always make a gas planet as your final manufacturing planet.  Just use one extractor for the oxygen and you'll get tonnes of space for the advanced factories to make the actual robotics (i.e. in high sec you could set up 5 planets: 2 Lava, 2 Barren and 1 Gas and get Robotics and Oxygen).  Ah well.

As far as development plans for Letrange ge, I've just finished getting Propulsion Jamming V (and incidentally picked up the Heavy Interdictor skill).  Stuff on my "Short List" include:
  • Frigate Construction 5 (Want to be able to build Jaguars)
  • Logistics 4 and 5 (Want to be able to fly a proper logistics ship)
  • Battlecruiser 5 (To get into command ships)
  • Anchoring 5 (to get Starbase Defense, so it's not just my alts that can POS gun)
  • Various navigation Skills to 5.
  • Shield tanking skills (need to finish a few things off)
  • Armor tanking skills (ditto)
  • Lowsec and 0.0 ore refining to 4 (so I can use T2 crystals on those as well)
So, that's the short term plan.  We'll have to see if I'm back for more than just a quick visit or if I'm really back.  If so I'm going to have to start shopping for a 0.0 home (going to have to decide which 0.0 alliance I want to hit up and would also accept a 58mil SP JOAT).


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!...maybe

Glad to hear things are going well Let, I just tried out all the new PI stuff on Sunday and took me awhile to get things all situated, but no more click-fest!

About a week ago I also made the jump to 0.0. It was tough to leave AMC, but I found an awesome Alliance/Corp based out of Period Basis. We're in the old "Carebear Corner", owning 3 systems (Z-M, MVUO). It's been GREAT so far. Lots of PvP opportunities, Industry, Ratting, etc.. We're a part of Systemic Chaos + IT Alliance. So if/when you get to that point be sure and check us out: Eternal Profiteers + Galactic Syndicate.

Take care!

Magson said...

You don't need Logi 5 for a "proper logistics ship" unless you're flying a Scimitar. The typical fleet-fit dual-cap-xfr Basilisk and Guardian fits are stable with Logi 4. Not that Logi 5 is a bad skill to have regardless. . . .but you only "need" it to fly a cap-stable Scimitar.

Letrange said...

@Magson um... I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm pretty much a matari pilot... Which means Scimitar... Which means Logi 5.