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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Once again CCP with feelings this time

I would like to congratulate CCP for messing up the markets and leaving a production exploit, not once but TWICE now with Tyrannis.

Pro tip from the exploiters:
  1. Setup a barren planet with only advanced production facilities and space ports (20 and 2 should do it).
  2. Buy Mechanical Parts and Consumer Electronics from the NPC Sell orders on market.
  3. Ship the materials down to the planet.
  4. Manufacture Robotics.
  5. Ship them off the planet
  6. Sell Robotics the still existing BUY ORDERS!!!!
  7. Profit!
For crying out loud. When you allow us to make something, DON'T LEAVE THE DAMN BUY ORDERS UP!!!!! I can see the wisdom of phasing out the sell orders over time in order for the manufacturing chain acquires "traction". BUT, WHY ARE YOU LEAVING THE BUY ORDERS UP?????


Toldain said...

I'm of two minds. It could be just highsec belt-variety stupidity and negligence.

Or, it could be a clever use of anchoring to establish a price for things.

Pick one.

Ardent Defender said...

Establishing a price maybe.....

Kename Fin said...

Bah - sure the wormholes all have planets to exploit. Sure there isn't much competition out here. Sure we're less likely to get ganked at the pickup.

But we miss out on opportunities like this to kick the market in the shins.


Anonymous said...

Why are the buy orders the problem?

What I read was that if PI prices don't rise, then there is not a lot of profit to PI. If the PI goods do rise, then buying from the sell orders and making it is still a good idea.