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Monday, June 21, 2010


I'd like to congratulate Pandemic Legion [-10.0] on their victory in the 8th alliance tournament. I'd also like to congratulate Hydra Reloaded on their 2nd place, and all participants for a great show. Circle of two for having more balls than brains (admittedly humongous balls). If you could get a Freki off the market for 30bil and you wanted to buy one with plexes and you estimated 300mil per plex and 34.99 US$ for each two plexes this works out to around 1750 US$ per Freki. They lost 3. Balls... This tournament made my Matari heart proud. Many good Matari centric squadrons were fielded and they once again proved to be highly effective.

As a side note, One of the reasons we see a lot of matari setups in the alliance tournament and not as many on TQ is a testament to the fact that matari ships are trickier to fly. They tend to need more skills. If you noticed there were both armor and shield setups well represented on the winning side of battles. There's also the fact that there tends to be plenty of mixed weapons systems with rather flexible ships and you get a situation where you need high SP and highly skilled pilots both. The tournament has plenty of highly skilled high SP pilots, so we end up seeing plenty of matari setups. We suffer in PvE and we suffer when we're low SP compared to the other factions but it pays off eventually.

There was also plenty of T3 representation. This is good for my T3 production since the tournament definitely showcased the flexibility of the T3 hulls. There were plenty of original uses and off-standard fits of both the Lokis and the Proteus. The Tengu suffered from it's usual "super Drake" syndrome. A little more originality would be needed there. And the Legion showed it's not as weak as people make it out to be if used properly. Mind you that was Pandemic Legion using it and they've proven they can bring just about any setup to a fight and win.

So once again, congratulations to the winners.

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