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Friday, June 11, 2010

Methinks I have spotted a ... bug

Crazy busy night last night. Give me a sec to put my thoughts in some form of coherent order...

Planetary Interaction

Ok, I'm setting up my main's PI layout in wormhole space to be: Harvest all possible types of resources, one planet is my advanced/high tech production world. Only ship down what is needed for the manufacturing plan (except of course for the two resources ON the planet - those can stay there until needed for production or shipping up to market).

While doing this over the last two days I've noticed "losses". I ship down 800 units of two P1 materials. Setup a process in an advanced processor. and 20h later I get 95 instead of the 100 of the P2 result I was expecting. Last night when I started the process and checked before logging off the math for P1/40 + P2/5 + 1 (producing) + 1 (loading) worked out to 20. This morning it worked out to 19... What I suspect is happening is that downtime causes the loss of a cycle of output. I will need to test this to confirm it and then file a bug report (pretty easy to test - start two jobs - i.e. start the processors fed from storage bins with limited resources - one that finished before downtime and one that finishes after downtime. Compare results.


While all of THAT was going on I had Intruders in CC - and it happened JUST at the point in time where I had incomplete information on the entire system. Brilliant. You try working out interception on people warping to places you don't have bookmarks too. All while the static high sec wormhole was at the end of it's life and moving just to make things more fun. So then it was a question of nailing all the sites (the intruders having disappeared by now). Mixed in with this was Cozmik buying his new Sleipnir and waiting for the new wormhole location before begining his trip. Then arriving litterally 5 seconds too late to catch a (assumed) transiting Scorpion and Helios.


While all of the above was going on, Trerana finally put in his application (with mandatory 24 hour wait for dropping of previous roles). Welcome in 12h or so by the way. I wasn't even bothering finding out what was going on with the rest of the alliance at this point.

More construction

Did I mention that another pilot in the alliance was setting up a tower in this wormhole? Oh yea and I was helping with that as well? Just a little overloaded. Wheeeeeeeee...


Toldain said...

You've got me wondering about the bug. Does it happen with extractors? Does it happen with all types of Industry facilities, or only the advanced ones?

Letrange said...

@Toldain no clue, I'm just going by observations at this point. Hence testing is needed - would need to test basic, advanced and high tech all for both crossing downtime and not crossing downtime. I'll be able to setup test for the basic and advanced without a problem.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I gave freddy a good scare by showing up at his moon unannounced :))

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks again for all the help with the tower Let. And thanks for almost making me change my shorts R5.

I believe I even heard "With WH's you have to fight boredom" over comms last night...hmm

Good times!

Letrange said...

It's like the army: boring until it's terrifying. Then you just want the nice calm boring again for a bit.

Hallan Turrek said...

You're not to far off. I was just mentioning to someone today how three of my extractors are running with the exact same cycles, despite being built on three different days.

I came to the same conclusion about downtime because of it, so you're likely correct about losing the resources as well.